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Small enough town but has enough shopping places and restaurants. A good place to raise children. There could be more entertainment,
I must say, Augutsa has its pros and cons. The weather is definitely a pro. It is pretty decent, incertain areas the schools are great, and it is expanding rapidly. Its cons are its attractions. There is not much to do, and the things there are to do are not very affordable for large families.
Augusta is a charming city in Georgia that keeps growing every day. What people do not realize is that it is the second biggest city in the state with the right mix of country and city life. The small towns that surround it are also expanding, businesses seeing the value in staking a claim of territory in the area. It was the home of James Brown and hosts the prestigious Master's Tournament each year. As the city grows, so do the number of occupants. Augusta is also the home of the large military base, Ft. Gordon earning the town a variety of great people and extraordinary cultures. This is definitely somewhere you want to visit sometime or nice a place to start a family.
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At first, when I came to the city people discriminated a lot. I am a Hispanic female, could not find a job because of my origin. The city will be better if people get along without judging just by the culture or the color of the skin. I had seen some improvement on that but still, some people do not like a hispanic person to be talking to them.
I don't like living here. I plan to move soon. It's boring and there aren't many opportunities here. Living here is high for low quality.
A growing city full of small town friendliness! Job market looks to be expanding, housing and real estate are affordable, and with new local businesses opening every day, restaurants and night life are quickly becoming on par with major cities!
Right size city. No too big and not too small. Can't wait until I can go to the medical college. My son enjoys his STEM elementary school. Great variety of doctors and the medical college gives even more variety.
Augusta is a nice place where everyone is friendly. It is a small city, but sometimes smaller is nice. The men are very polite, even our young gentlemen. The ladies act like ladies, and if you look like you are lost, people are willing to stop and help. What would I change? Nothing. Why fix anything if it isn't broken?
Augusta is a great place to live, I really enjoy it here, I love the weather here, as well as the people most of the people show so much love and they already know that I'm not from here just by the way I talk. The hospitality here is great.
Augusta is not a big city but it has everything you need for a peaceful life. however not good night life
Moved to Augusta February 14, 2017 from Detroit, MI. Big difference in the too cites. Beautiful place and more for retiree's but none of the less way more safe than Detroit at the time.
Augusta is a nice city to live in. It has become a Major city and is growing with much development. The neighborhoods are quite and the neighbors are friendly. There are various activities and places to hang out, such as restaurants, nature trails, parks, movie theater, mall, and the YMCA. However, at times, there is heavy traffic. The vehicles on the the roads are contributing to air pollution.
we are currently living in Grovetown GA. we PCS from Washington. Compared to the previous destination, it is a small town. Every stores are close by. The rent seemed to be pretty high for the place around Ft. Gordon base
I have lived in Augusta all of my life. While Augusta possesses a certain charm and beauty I believe is truly unique to this area, it also has its issues. Augusta is a beautiful place in certain areas. If you come too far south, where I live, you will discover the less pretty side. Although residents in Augusta should learn to better care for their own properties, it would definitely help if the city took notice of specific issues (such as pot holes in the road, unsightly structures which need to be demolished or renovated, and the awful smell on Gordon Highway), issues in which cannot be handled by the residents but are still problematic, and dealt with them accordingly. I love Augusta. It is my home and has been for my whole life. I wouldn't want to live any where else.
Augusta is not a terrible place to live. Like all cities, there are good parts and bad parts. It is neat to see the old style housing and learning about the University history.
Augusta, GA provides a broad range of cuisine, social interactions, and shopping hubs. Although it isn't located in the most desirable geographical site, Augusta manages to obtain a close radius with the biggest landmarks in a 2-3 hour proximity. Making those far-away vacations, only a day trip away. Local schools and family activities may be lacking, however, in Evans township, you'll find an oasis of family fun and knowledge awaiting you. With Fort Gordon's growth, the housing market is spurring, making it an optimal time to purchase that forever home.
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Augusta is a really big city, they have amazing food, but they do not like to progress into the future, which in turn leaves them in a forced slow progression.
My overall experience in Augusta has been great. When I graduate from medical school I would love to return back to Augusta to live. I love all the activities and beautiful opportunities it has to offer.
I just recently moved to Augusta, GA a year ago from Savannah, GA for 9 years. I must say that the main difference between the two is the "night life" in the downtown area. There are limited areas of live music and family friendly hangouts. I do love the Farmer's Market and the parks for kayaking.
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