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Everyone always complains about how boring and dull Augusta is. I beg to differ. My mother grew up in an extremely small and rural town in Illinois, so I have first hand experience with a boring and dull town. Being the second largest city in Georgia, Augusta has virtually everything you need with in about a ten mile radius. Malls, restaurants, virtually every fast food place you can think of, and so much more. I love and appreciate Augusta and will never shame its name.
Augusta is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to raise a family. It's just the right speed. The hustle and bustle is manageable and close enough to larger cities to get that fast pace when you want it.
I like the scenery, schools are good; like to see more jobs pay for the expected degree. Traffic can be hectic during certain hours. There is a lot of construction going on around the Augusta area. The masters Golf Tournament brings a lot of jobs and revenue to the city.
I have lived in this town most of my life. I would love to see more family friendly entertainment and restaurants for the South and East Sides of Augusta. There needs to be more supermarkets placed in the East Augusta area. All though much construction is going on in downtown Augusta preparing for the new Cyber Security community, they've closed all of them there. The people there should not have to travel over 20 minutes to find a grocery store. Maybe a neighborhood Walmart would be good.
Augusta is a wonderful city rich in culture and history. This city is well known for hosting the Masters golf tournament every April, just as spring is arriving. Augusta has many beautifully areas, such as the Savannah rapids, or Lake Thurmond which are perfect for those whom enjoy outdoor recreation. Downtown Augusta is the perfect place to explore if you're looking to enjoy a fine dining experience, or simply looking to enjoy the night life.
Augusta is growing with employment. There are more educational opportunities for jobs in the areas. Downtown Augusta is constantly being updated. The plans for a new arena are underway.
I am a life long residence of Augusta and I would give it a four star rating.
Any city can be better but we need leadership with vision, one that believe in economic growth. This is a beautiful city with love and the people are not too shabby either. We just need to strive for the same things from all corners and we will not only be the city just for the Maters but a city thriving on better living.
My family & I have been living in Augusta for a few years now and just like any city, traffic gets pretty hectic around a certain time through out the day. Some of the public schools have pest problems & needs better administration through out the Richmond County Board of Education. T. W. Josey Comprehensive High needs way more rennovations & repairs done through out their school building and new technology, books, & above all, desks to replace broken ones with sharp edges of metal that has abraded and perforated my skin several times this year alone.
Augusta is nice city that is sort of city- country, no too fast , not so slow. I have some really nice friends and colleagues here. I do wish there were more youth activities and more entertainment for older people.
South Augusta used to be more of a slow paced part of Augusta. Now we have the Cyber Command taking place on Ft. Gordon, the traffic and commuting have gotten even more dangerous and hectic. This combined with the ongoing road work, you now have more accidents on the rise. The community is rapidly growing and this city is becoming too crowded for the limited space we have here. It feels as if we're being neglected here. The wealthier towns such as Evans, North Augusta and Martinez are always being upgraded when it's not necessary.
Augusta, Georgia has been my home for most of my life. Although I do have hometown pride, I would love to see a lot of changes made to this area to improve the quality of life for everyone. One desperately needed change are the public schools. In Richmond County, the schools are insanely sub-par. I graduated from Columbia County myself, and didn't know how much I took their school system for granted.

I will say the cost of living is pretty great, as well as the commute around. Apartments and houses around here are not too bad compared to other states, especially up north. However, I think it's very proportionate to the pay around here as well.

All in all, it's not a bad town to live in. Especially if you go towards the towns of Evans or Grovetown.
Augusta is low key and a good place to raise a family. I would like to see more things to do in the area.
I love Augusta, there is always something to do if you know what you are looking for. If you are an old soul we have the historical district, tours of the old mills and historical buildings/churches, and antique shops brimming with artifacts to keep you busy for hours. If you are an artist we have an art museum and once a year one of our oldest churches has an art show that covers half of broad street. Our nightlife is brimming with bars on every corner downtown and live music every week. You never have to go far to watch a football game or a fight, just find a bar or a restaurant, all equipped with TVs and pay per view so that you never have to miss an event again. We have great schools and a wonderful college that is linked with our oldest hospital MCG. Augusta has that old southern charm mixed with new age innovation that will charm you and make you fall in love with this charming city.
My experience in Augusta is ok. I have lived here for more than 10 years. I am originally from Florida. I love this city because the lifestyle is slow and I have met great people since I have moved here.
My experience with Augusta, Ga is enjoyable. The cost of living is low and affordable. It is mostly education, medical and military based when it comes to jobs. However, Augusta is growing to become the "Silicon Valley of the South", so there's a positive outlook for those who are into technology based jobs. Overall ,Augusta, Ga is a nice and friendly place to reside in.
Augusta offers the Masters golf tournament and it is a great place to raise a family. Augusta is also a great place for retirement. There is the Savannah river which we call the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is across from the Augusta Commons and it has family friendly events that take place about two or three times a month.
Augusta is experiencing rapid growth, which is bringing more diversity to the area. Home to the Medical College of Georgia, the city has many residents in the medical field. Family-friendly and businesses expanding every day offers an ideal place to live.
Augusta is an exciting city with lots and lots to offer. There is always something going on everynight in and around the area. You can leave work, head home for a quick shower, head out and attend musicals, plays, dinner and theatres, and concerts. Augusta is surrounded by some of the best restaurants like Olive Gaden, Ruby Tuesdays, Outback Steakhouse, PF Changs, and so many more to name. We have the best hospitals that offer the best care and great colleges such as Augusta University, Brenau University, and GMC. If you love shopping then you should visit our Mall of Augusta, it is full of everything you need and offers plenty of eateries upstairs. Augusta has a lot to offer, so if you would love a tour just reach out to the welcome center and get aquainted, you may fall in love.
Augusta sits on the Savannah River. I like that. I live close to Downtown, and it has a lot of very good restaurants down there. I like that too.
Augusta is a great place to escape the fast-paced city life. The people here are very welcoming and there are many family friendly activties to take part in. It is minutes from the Georgia/South Carolina border so traveling is a breeze. If you're looking for a quite place to take a vacation, come take a peek at what Augusta has to offer.
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