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It can be a nice area depending on the area you go to, along with the company in which you keep. Just like any other place, if you are not familiar with your surroundings, be cautious.
I would like to see a change in the student life around town. There are alot of places to shop but students need more educational activities going on then the few we have.
Augusta is an extremely historical city and although run down in some places, it holds the secrets of the past. It is the home of National Hills and various leaders that have shaped our future today. I am proud to call it my home and am always captivated by the beauty of the Savannah river and the restored homes that line the streets of downtown and Summerville.
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what i like about Augusta, Ga is just the fact i was born and raised here and i don't. what i would like to see change is the working area and wages and a little more community work together to make Augusta, Ga live again.
The people are generally friendly. The driving experience is the worst part. However, they have beautiful areas downtown and near the Augusta National golf course. You can enjoy various water ways either through the river, canal, or the lake which is right outside of city limits. The school system is fair, but they have a booming medical district and cyber security field.
I like the fact that it is a friendly city, and there are a lot of jobs here. The cost of living is reasonable too.
I moved here to start college in 2010 and have been here ever since. The thing that I love about Augusta is that its not too big and its not too small. What I mean by this is that its not busy and fast paces like Atlanta but there are thing to do here and places to shop. I would recommend this place for people attending college for the first time or people fresh out of grad school, especially in the medical field!
Augusta is a great city. Everyone feel like family here. The education students receive is beyond satisfying. It may not be many places to go in Augusta but when everyone do go out , we enjoy every second of it.
I was a service member in the United States Army and stationed at Fort Gordon. It was a wonderful place to live, and made me want to buy a house to come back to later down the road. People in the community were friendly, commute time to shopping centers and work were very reasonable.
I like Augusta because it has really nice shopping centers and restaurants. The actual downtown area of Augusta is really nice and I enjoy walking and visiting all of the stores, especially the antique shops! Augusta University is a really nice college and the Dental College of Georgia is a great school to pursue your education. I really enjoy the atmosphere of Augusta Georgia and would recommend it to any of my family and friends.
Augusta is a great place to live. I've lived here for 18 years and it is growing. My roots are here.
Augusta is a rapidly growing area, with new technology employers arriving. Cost of living is very low.
I like that Augusta is a good place to raise my
son, but I dont like that it's not a good place to start a career
There are hidden gems and it's located in an excellent position between other places that could be easily accessed.
I love Augusta. It's a great place to raise your family, to live and work! The only thing I will change will be our commissioners. I feel we need a new set who don't have old axes to grind. We need new leaders with new ideas and who are willing to move us forward without always looking behind.
Would like to see more spanish cuisine and an increase in diversity because of the pace of growth I think this will start to happen sooner than later.
I just moved here from Alabama. There is way more things to do with kids here then in our small town, the jobs market is excellent,and the people are friendly too.
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Did not enjoy Augusta from the area that I was living in. The commute to get anywhere is 20 minuets plus. The people I've met have been very friendly, and it's safe area. But the weather here is awful, and the commute is longer than I'm used to.
The City is focused around its history and The Masters Golf Tournament. It is not much of a College town in terms of party life, but there are great living opportunities.
Grew up in Augusta, would change jib opportunities, it's not very good for young adults out of college.
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