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The area is very rural and mostly farm land. It is nice to have family in this town or neighboring towns though. I think that in the future there won't be many businesses either the same amount there currently is or possibly less. Most people in the town are nice and welcoming.
There isn't very much to do in this area. Very small little town.
For the most part the weather isn't too horrible. The winters are cold and long but the summers are enjoyable. Sometime the nice weather doesn't come around until May.
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There are two popular restaurants in town. The dinner and Marios, a pizza place. Marios has good pizza and I enjoy there chicken rolls. A lot of people in neighboring towns know and also like Marios. The dinner is a place where many individuals like to go for breakfast. Each morning cars line the side of the road outside of the dinner. I enjoy going there every once in awhile and getting pancakes and eggs. On Fridays there is a fish fry special that can come with mac salad, a roll and a baked potato. My family enjoys the fish fries there. Good homemade food there.
There is a quarry just outside of town that use to provide jobs for many people in town until they recently laid people off. When the grocery store was bigger that also had more job opportunities available compared to the size it is now.
Oriskany Falls is such a small town. We used to have a decent grocery store but now it has been taken over and decreased by 3/4 of the original size. There is a small selection but it does have some necessities such as milk. When we have to get actual groceries we have to travel 20-30 minutes away.

There is a pizza place in town which is a popular place to eat at, along with the dinner in town.

There use to be a hardware store but now its a barber shop. There are three hair places in town.

Being such a small town there is only so much that can be done and available.
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