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The general experience of Augusta is pleasant. It doesn't cost a lot to live here, but solid employment opportunities are a bit few and far between. Thus, the cost of living index is relatively high considering it is the capital. Winter is a love-hate relationship here. Augusta takes great care of its roads (as far as snow removal)... that is, once the snow has come to a complete stop. The later through winter, the less likely you are to see a plow truck. What is good about the place is it is a very small city, so it really has everything you need while not feeling overwhelming to those not used to large cities. In Maine, however, Portland is definitely the best city to live in.
I enjoy the location and the historical buildings but the cost of living does not match the demographic and therefore there are LOTS of empty properties and the town looks sad.
There are alot of drugs around and as long as you stay away from Sand Hill, you are ok. There really isn't anything to do here either as far as living here. If you have never been here before then it is quite possible that nature walks and museums would entertain you.
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Augusta is a great city in the state of Maine. It has a lot to offer with its shopping malls, many churches, car dealerships, diversity in restaurants, and stunning view. I would like to see the crime rate and homeless rate go down. The thing I like most about Augusta is that everything you need is close-by.
There is plenty to do and it is pretty easy to navigate. Like any city, there are some bad places, but it is generally a nice place.
Augusta is becoming the city to live. Not only has it become safer but the economy is also blooming. There is a mix of downtown Main street shops and the usual Mall like retail shops. There is a boom in restaurants and local business.
Augusta often gets a bad reputation due to some of the more unsightly areas. Augusta offers a bounty of shopping and eating, both local and chain retailers and restaurants. In addition to that, Water Street, which could be like a Main Street, is becoming more lively. With the addition of new shops and studios, there are also apartment units being built. The outskirts of Augusta offer great neighborhoods and a lot of times, people don't even realize that they're there or even IN Augusta.
Augusta, Maine has a lot of offer anyone seeking to escape from the daily grind of big cities, terrible traffic, and pollution. Here in Augusta, we can easily get off of work and travel ten minutes to hike a small mountain, sit by the Kennebec river, or grab a drink at the neighboring art and drinking town of Hallowell.
Augusta is the city that I grew up in and chose to move back to this area. While it is lacking in things like nightlife, it is a quite little area that has everything you need.
There needs to be better/more public transportation for the community to help with shopping, medical appointments, dentist, court, job interviews, to and from work for all of Augusta and surrounding communities. I think that this may help if it also serves outside of the city limits for people without licenses along major routes to have bus stops.
The majority of houses in this area aren't too great. They are typically quite small and look run-down from the outside. This is typically because most of the houses are older than typically suburban neighborhood houses. There are, however, some neighborhoods that have beautiful, large homes. There is a large variety of housing in this community.
Most people that live here have lived here all of, or most of their lives. It's always great to meet locals and hear about history of specific places first hand, since they have lived through it and experienced it (or their ancestors have). The only downside to this community is that because it is so small, and many people know each other, it can be hard to find new things to do.
My neighborhood specifically isn't at all unsafe, but the area of the city I live in is known for its drug crimes. This occasionally makes me feel unsafe.
My neighborhood is safe, happy, and comfortable. Everything about it is great except for the fact that I'm not given many opportunities to shine in the field I would like to go in. I have to go out of the area to find opportunities in the media business.
my concerns are that the state is more worried about collecting money from crimes committed than actually fixing the problems
the quality of life is bad. the crime drugs low to no employment rate any many other things are making life in maine hard
I will start with the quick and very visible response of our city's police. My high school has had several bomb threats and a lockdown. The police responded in a very safe and secure manor for which made me feel safe and made my parents, as they have told me, more at ease knowing that these incidents were handling without an incident and injury. The crime rates are kept down due to the very visible police throughout the city with the state troopers and the city police department.
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I began living in the Augusta area when I was in the 4th grade. The area has proven to be a success to my upbringing. This area gives me the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of ethnicity and have grown up around foster children whom my parents have cared for since I was an infant. This life experience in itself has turned me into who I am today. I am a role model to other children and have shown other children that it is possible to live a happy life no matter what lifestyle that we are given. I have not been to alot of other places within the country but basing my opinion from the world news, this place is amazing with a lower crime rate and not having to worry what is going to happen to me as there are so many people that know and look out for each other. I live in a clean city being the capital of the state to which I live. I would see that this area will continue to grow and expand as my generation grows.
The police are responsive but there is a definite rise in drugs and violence in this area.
I have enjoyed this area with the seasons changing and activities offered all year round. I think this has been a great place to grow up with many activities that families can do and the community is a great support to people when they need it.
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