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Getting a police officer here is a joke. We voted their millage out years ago and only get state police officers here, break ins are somewhat common and it takes forever to get someone out here. The schools are sub-par, not the worst but if you plan to further your education you're going to have to try hard when you get to college.
Safest place I've ever lived
Best place I've ever lived
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There are many minimum wage opportunities, but less career options.
There is such a large variety of good quality stores and restaurants in this area.
The potholes are horrible. They just stuff more tar in them and never actually fix the roads which leads to horribly uneven payment, and more deteriorating roads.
We have metroparks. A lot of open fields and overgrown areas.
You have to go elsewhere to find activities
There is no recycling pick up. And there is no where convenient to take recyclables
You have to leave this city to find a job other than fast food or gas station.
If my water bill gets any higher it could be a mortgage payment!
It's a trailer park. What more can I say. Sidewalk layout is odd. You can be on the sidewalk, turn the corner and there is no longer a sidewalk. You have to cross the street.
It's Michigan. The roads suck. Between the orange barrels/detours and unrepaired roads car owners beware
The neighborhood is ok. I have good neighbors.
I rated fast food as excellent only because there are so many of them not because they are good. Service is slow. Workers are unmotivated. Restaurants open and close frequently.
If I knew now what I knew when I moved here I would have chosen another place to live.
KMart is our only real store. Have to go closer to the "city" for any other stores.
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There are few affordable exercise facilities closely located. And this area is not on a bus line. There are 10+ fast food/pizza place within a 5 mile radius.
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