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15 reviews
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The town of Augusta is a close knit community that bonds over Friday night football and good gossip of what happened to who. Everyone knows everybody in this town and do not enjoy outsiders too much. The people are very diverse and you never know what to expect. Small town scandal spreads fast and good news doesn't seem to be celebrated. This town is stuck in their old ways and nothing has changed here in years, except for the roads which are always under construction.
I have heard Augusta, Kansas, as a place you come from, not a place you go to. I will say that it's a good place to raise a family, just don't expect too many clubs in the area. I would classify Augusta as a classic mid-western small town.
The police are very responsible about what happens in this town, but the maintenance of this town needs to be updated
I have lived in this town for the majority of my life and this town is a well, tight knit community who knows everyone and are kind to one another.
not many homes not lived in
do not know i work 6 days per week
very little crime very safe place to live
Good area, small town, everyone knows everyone there.
Lots of police visibility. Little to no crime.
Almost all the land is privately owned. No access.
Older areas need upkeep. Newer areas are nice.
We have 4 distinct seasons here.
Have to drive 30" or more for this.
Mostly fast food jobs, gas stations, automotive shops, and industrial jobs.
I can get everything I need in this area.
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