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We have very little crime in our parts. And if there are problems, they disappear really fast.
I would choose to live here because its quiet and I can go for solitary strolls in the woods. This place is better than Washington D.C. in the fact that it is not crowded and that there is no hobos. I see the future will pretty much be the same here- its just a small, quiet place.
There isn't much to do in this area. This is defiantly the country. Playing on four wheelers and in the mud is the most exciting thing around. The parks are in decent shape. Our community picks up trash that is along the roadside. The refinery would also be a lot of pollution.
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We have recently been having break ins in our community and stealing of cars. I feel that these issues are taken care of. The police have caught the guy that was involved in these issues. Over all I love my community, we get along and we rarely have any problems. We all look out for one another.
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