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Audubon is a great town for starting a family, because of its safe neighborhood feel and the tremendous schooling. Audubon also has many great opportunities for young children to become successful in sports. The town has organizations for many sports starting at a young age. For example, the little league baseball that has helped many young boys to get to the State Champion level; Audubon High School Baseball has won 12 State titles. Another example is Joe Flacco, the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens who won not only the 47th NFL Super Bowl but also the MVP of the game lived in Audubon. Aside from all the athletic achievements, Audubon also was the hometown of 3 military men who received the Medal of Honor. Being able to live in this small town as a child has helped not only me, but others as well gain friendship, athletic, community, and service characteristics.
Audubon is a safe, friendly town with a good school system and community programs. If not in town, we are close enough to just about any experience you would like: high quality restaurants, the arts, sporting events.
There is no crime here, for being as close to Camden who is known to be number one crime area in the country, one would think the over flow would fall into my area, however it is pretty quiet and never much crime.
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i would live here again if I didnt have my future planned to live in a different kind of neighborhood
Not bad. It's safe, it's relatively friendly. Small town feel.
The food and drinks around here are somewhat satisfying.
There are almost no jobs available in this part of new jersey.
Antoninos Pizza Place is the best place to get pizza around here.
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