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Overall, A-dale is a nice place. Depending on where you live it can be fairly quiet. There are lakes galore so the fishing is phenomenal!
I love this town, I have lived here my entire life and so has my family. There is no other place like it. It is a quiet, friendly and generous town. It's a great place to raise a family and so many things the kids can do. And so many events that take place here.
It is a small town with two playgrounds, two ice cream places and tons of boutiques. They have a bus system that could help you get to the 24-hour Walmart without driving. There is a couple of large lakes which have some sidewalks on them. Perfect for biking and running. Most neighbors are really friendly.
I like Auburndale, because it is a small, clean and friendly town to make home. The people working in the stores know your name, or face. Although it dies after 9 pm, you can still find alot to do with your neighbors and friends. Many of the local restaurants are locally owned and offer good southern fare.
Love the place, but wish there was more to do. If you want to go some where nice to eat you have to travel to Winter Haven or Lake land. If you want to go dancing it's time to go to Orlando or Tampa.
The cops are very responsive and fast response team.
I see them growing as a community and in strength.
There never seems to be many cops around. I'm surprised things aren't worse. There are definitely a lot of drug issues. It's, physically, a very ugly and moderately run-down place.
I have been sheltered from a lot of the realities of living in the supposed "meth capital of America." I'm mostly surprised there isn't more crime. This place is just so small, finding a summer job was impossible, and Tampa/Orlando are just too far away for me to commute for minimal pay.
The town does not have a whole lot of crimes, but when there are the police are some of the best. They are always responsive and always seem to be respectful and can handle any situation.
I love living in a small town because all the residents pretty much know each other. A lot people say they can't wait to get out of this town, but not me. I love where I come from and will always stay with my hometown roots.
No real wildlife park or reserve areas. Very basic quiet town
Small city. Police are here, but occupied with bigger issues than in my general area
Police response time is normal. Small city means small police station.
Normal most of the time. Typical Florida weather.
Nothing nice here. Very little to offer
Need more specialty shops. This area is very old and has little to offer
It would be better if there were more restaurants.
I love my job but I wish I earned more each week.
The city is a fairly clean city, and outside of the deed restricted areas, things still very well kept. There is always going to be people that have extra cars boats in their yards, but that doesn't change the overall appeal.
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