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I love the community of auburn. People over all are nice and friendly. Its not to city, there is still plenty of stores and shops around but its also a historical town so lots of diversity and its not to country, though if you love the country there is plenty around. If i could change any thing about auburn it would be the cost of living, it is high here.
I love the fact that on one end you have city life and on the other end you have mountain life. There are many trails that one can hike, camp, or ride your bike.
I love the small town setting. It is an old mining town in the foothills. It is at the base of the sierra nevada mountains and gets a little snow but still reaches warmer temperatures in the summer.
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Auburn is so beautiful! It has everything you need, as well as gorgeous hiking/running/biking trails.
Auburn is a great city. The only problems are the drug usage and population of homeless. The people are nice and it is really a great community.
I've lived in Auburn for 7 years. My children attend school here and we are very happy with it. There are a lot of events throughout the year to keep us all entertained, and we love being so close to the State Recreation Area for outdoor adventures.
Auburn is a beautiful, safe, and not too populated town that's great for people of any age! There's plenty to do in Auburn, and it's close enough to the city AND the mountains when you need a change of scenery.
It is a family friends community.
Many families have lived here for over 100 years.
Great local businesses.
Day trips to the mountains, lakes, ocean are doable.
Great town.
Never want to leave it
This is the best small town. Good food, good people, beautiful scenery. I love living here and feel very safe. Lots to do outdoors (hiking, lakes, biking, camping).
Not very diverse, which warrants problems when you're of a minority. But, it is a nice place visually, though there are not much to do for younger generations. It's more of an older town.
I love living in Auburn. The commute to work is pretty short- twenty minutes. Everything is close to freeway access. Really cute downtown. Lots of local shops and great places to eat! Most everything is walking distance. Really safe area, one of the most beautiful high schools I have ever seen. Housing is expensive but I could definitely see having a family here one day. Rural feel with convenience.
It's a friendly town, that is surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Many places to hike and enjoy nature, around every corner.
It has had a boom recently in the building of bigger chain stores and restaurants. It's a community where the most active and vocal residents are 50+ conservative, although voter turn-out in 2016 showed it was leaning more liberal.
Ethnicity seems mostly white and hispanic.
Auburn is a great rural town. All the amenities you could need with a small town feel. There are great schools and it is close to snow, camping, water activities
Auburn is a town of character, charm, and warmth. Nestled in the panoramic Sierra Foothills of Northern California, Auburn has many good eats, a strong presence of art and theater, and a diverse community of people. Auburn can offer many wonderful outdoor activities year round, from white water rafting on the American River during the late spring and summer, to hiking and mountain biking in the winter and fall. The downtown area is historic, and features classic, western American architecture that makes for stunning photography. Auburn also has wonderful local businesses that cater to many different shopping tastes and fancies. Most importantly of all, this treasure of the Gold Country is populated by warm and friendly people who will welcome you with open arms and open hearts.
I grew up in Auburn and lived there for 18 years before going to college. I am very grateful to have such a loving, close community to return to when I visit home. The recreation, hiking, and outdoor activities are wonderful. The American River is a popular place to spend hot summer days. There are also many small businesses and the size of the town makes it easy to form connections.
Auburn is a small town compared to Sacramento, where I came from. It is more relaxed community that is very economic as you get anywhere relatively fast and you just about bike anywhere! There are parks as well as inside activities such as bowling. The neighborhoods are beautiful as well as friendly neighbors. It's a great place due to having privacy, yet also having a good community in a mountain like area.
I moved to Auburn CA when I was 2. My family and I moved here from Los Angeles. It has been a great experience growing up here. I have made some life long friends. It is a very family friendly town with lots of beautiful trees. We spend our hot days down at the river. I would recommend to anyone that Auburn CA is a great place to grow up and/or raise a family.
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Auburn, is a quaint little old mining town. The small town feel of this place is alive and well. Everyone, knows everyone, and when the holidays hit, the town is decorated to the fullest. It is known as the endurance capital of the world! I have had the opportunity to make my mark on this small town, by leading the 2004 Placer High School, State Championships, in which has only been done once, in the schools over 100 year old history. My team and I have been commemorated with a plaque, in which is on the "Walk of Flame" on downtown Auburn's main street. This town has brought me up well, am very proud to be called and Auburnite!
Auburn is a quaint little town great for those looking for a quieter lifestyle. Opportunities for young adults are limited, but it is a great place to raise a family.
Very small and familial town. Lately becoming larger with the addition of stores, restaurants, new buildings.
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