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This town is a family environment type of town especially on Gameday for anyone who enjoys football.
Very active especially during football season, good food.
I would like to see more diversity in the city
Auburn, Alabama is what most would call a "typical college town". It is the surrounding city of Auburn University and has so much character that most of the time, it takes people a while to think of the perfect way to describe it. Its small town structure creates a large sense of community and family. Every where you go there is a smiling face waiting to help in any way possible. When fall comes around, the football scene is amazing! People come from all over to see the university's team play. the downtown area is packed with excitement and the traditions that come with it are spectacular. All in all, Auburn is a great place to live, and even visit. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone I know!
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Excellent place to live! Quiet with a great school system! Wonderful place to raise your family, with a big sec school in the center!
A fair place to live in. Not so crowded. Below average crime rate. Got a big school like Auburn University. If you are looking for a happening place to live in, it might not be the best choice. Having said that it's not a dull place either.
Auburn is a wonderful town to attend college. The town itself is not too big, but also not too small. There are plenty of activities for people of all ages. My favorite place to go is Chewacla State Park. Chewacla has hiking, mountain biking, camping, and swimming. My second favorite place to go in Auburn is Jordan-Hare Stadium to watch football games. WAR EAGLE!
Auburn is a nice place to live. This area has grown so much the housing is so affordable to stay and the overall city is just a peaceful city. The schools are one of the best in Alabama. It has the top notch college Auburn University school has just about what degree program you want to study. It also has plenty of shopping area you can shop. If you have a family this would be the perfect place to raise a family. Every time you turn around they are building are renovating. The crime rate is low in this area overall experience I will rate it 98 percent.
I really love Auburn. Its a small city but it is also full of people and has a lot of history. There are hundreds of historical buildings and cemeteries. Auburn is a great town for college students and many people come here to raise families. Auburn is truly a place I would consider living in permanently in the future.
Auburn is a beautiful small town. Downtown Auburn is two blocks of friendly businesses and watering holes, adjacent to the University which accounts for the majority of the local population.
I love Auburn and the small town feel it can give. The Auburn Family is very much a thing and you won't feel out of place even if you've never been to Auburn before. New developments downtown that exceed current building heights are taking away a little bit of that small town feel, but the people are still the same. Hope we can keep it the loveliest village on the plains!
Hi! I am an alumni of Auburn High School! I've attended Auburn City Schools since kindergarten! I must say Auburn City Schools prepared me WELL for college and life outside of high school! I am maintaining a 3.2 gpa currently and my goal is to graduate cum laude. I am an upcoming senior at Auburn at Montgomery; I love Auburn! I am a true Auburn fan! Personally, I think Auburn's nightlife is BEST during football season! It is such a joy going to the football games, going on campus tailgating with friends and family, etc! The safety in Auburn is great. Auburn police department does what it takes to keep the community safe and they are very kind! It is very diverse and I've met some of the best people in Auburn. I will never forget Auburn! It is a great place to settle down, raise families, and have fun. The public schools are great and they will prepare your child well and he or she will be well prepared for the real world!
Auburn is a great town for growing families. In the nearby surrounding areas, there are great public and private middle schools, junior highs, and high schools. Also, Auburn University is a great public school to attend after high school. Auburn has a good nightlife whether it be downtown Auburn, or if it is in TigerTown which is located in Opelika, Alabama. Auburn is famous for a restaurant known as Momma Goldberg's which was founded on Auburn's campus. It has hot subs, hot nachos, and cold beer which is perfect for a good Auburn football game on the Plains. Auburn has a good recreation department as well as an active library for the family to participate in during the summer and for recreation league teams.
Great college town with a great atmosphere for students, but also a great city to raise a family in and a great place to retire.
Auburn is a fantastic town. It is perfect for young adults and families. There are always events taking place on the weekend that include all age groups.
Auburn is a beautiful college town in Alabama. It is green, clean and lively. Auburn has a great public school system and family-oriented.
Love Auburn! Great town to live in and raise a family. The cost of living is a little higher, comparatively speaking of other small towns in Alabama, but worth the money in order to be a part of a family, such as the town of Auburn. My daughter is staying in Auburn to go to Auburn University, which makes me happy as well.
I have lived in Auburn as a college student for four years now, and I am incredibly attached to the area. The only star missing is due to the lack of parking all around the downtown area. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, yet the college aspect is isolated from the city life.
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I like Auburn because its a small town with plenty of things to do. I am from a bigger metropolitan area and coming to auburn is very relaxing. The Auburn community is very friendly and there are plenty of good restaurants. Also, the town is really close t big metropolitan areas such as Atlanta and Birmingham.
Auburn is a charming area. While maintaining a small close knit community feel, it also manages to continue growing and offers a plethora of fun things to do. There are several golf courses around, including Robert Trent Jones, hiking in state parks, and a decent night life with amazing food.
Auburn is a great college town with lots of of small town hospitality. There is always something fun to do. Lots of great shopping and dining options.
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