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I liked the scenery, its a college town full of life and friendly folks. I saw many dogs parks, trails perfect to go on hikes and peaceful lakes.
I love the sense of community here. It's a very quaint college town with a deep love for football and learning. My only issue with it is the occupancy. The town is a bit on the crowded side. As a result, development is happening at rapid rate with little regard to the environment.
My experience here in Auburn has been awesome. I've been able too see many people and get to know their lifestyle no matter the race or culture. It is a very nice city to live in. One thing I would like to see change is make more living area more family oriented rather than students only. I say this because families need a place to stay and their not eligible for students housing. The housings are very expensive at least make them affordable.
I love the small town community in Auburn. It is a safe place to live for single young people. Everyone is helpful, if you ever need a hand. Not great sushi in the area, which is a bummer to me, but the community makes up for it!
Auburn is a really fun town to be in...if you're not here for five years. It's super cute and has quite a bit to do, but the tourism characteristics seem in-genuine after a while.
I moved to Auburn about four years ago to attend Auburn University. At first, I was overwhelmed by the number of people that resided here, but the population has no affect on the friendliness of its people. Everyone smiles to each other as they walk past and the school spirit is high. The cost of living is reasonable, besides housing. There isn't enough housing as of now for everyone, but there is tons of it being built now! Auburn is growing more every day and offering better apartments, restaurants, and bars. The commute time is nice, but on game days it's pretty hectic wherever you go, so plan on searching for a parking spot for an hour and a half. If you can't find a job within the town, there is always a place in the University, which brings in a lot of international students and creates diversity. There is a great mix of just about everything and I would't change a thing if I could.
I was born in Auburn,Alabama in the year of 1998. Auburn is most famous for its university, Auburn University, which was founded in 1856. At the university, they have the stupendous football team, the Auburn Tigers. Auburn is an all-around town with such a diversity. Auburn is a place where you can raise a wonderful family. Auburn has wonderful houses and jobs! Other than having a high rate in the work forces and real estate, Auburn has an outstanding school system containing 11 schools! Auburn is most definitely a place where you can fulfill and build a legacy!
Auburn, Alabama is one of the friendliest and most welcoming towns there is. It revolves around it's university and has one of the prettiest campuses in the south. The community is really just one big family. Auburn is one of the few places you can take a walk at night and feel safe. The neighborhoods are great and the school systems are even better. This town revolves around it's college football which helps all the local buisnesses thrive. If one moves here not being a football fan, they sure will leave being one after a gameday weekend experience. The downtown area is where most of the action can be found. There are restaurants, bars, and boutiques. This is where the famous Toomer's Corner is located being home to the tree rolling tradition and the world known Toomer's Lemonade. Auburn is a place where all ages can reside and where everyone feels like they belong. Auburn is home.
Though Auburn is a quaint college town, the streets are full of life. Oak trees are sprinkled along the streets, and boutiques and fine dining are available at your finger tips. Toomer's Lemonade, Amsterdam Cafe, and Behind the Glass are just a few of Auburn's many gems worth visiting. The people of Auburn are warm and welcoming, making the experience even more enjoyable.
Auburn is a beautiful town. The beauty of nature is extremely evident in the town Auburn. There are a variety of beautiful tall trees in Auburn. Trees are all along the roads. Beautiful lush green grass and bushes and vibrant flowers. There are many crystal blue ponds in Auburn.
Auburn has always been my second home. I love the atmosphere. It's both a college town and the perfect place for a family. Living expenses are on the above average side but that's any growing city. The Auburn/Opelika area is definitely booming and on the "up and up."
Auburn is a great place to live awesome university. Auburn is a safe place to live. Great public schools. Has a wonderful living cost for students. Auburn has many job opportunities.
Living as a student in Auburn is akin to living in Sunny town where everyone is smiling and never seem to have hardship. Primarily, the town is occupied by African American, Caucasian, Asian (Chinese and Korean), and Indian people. There are almost no students of hispanic origin. People love football here. I feel the town could improve the number of bike paths and public transport. Also, the town population keeps expanding, but businesses are not apparently thanks to the local city council.
I will say that auburn is a quite and lovely town. If you come from a large city this may not be your place but once you come to auburn, it really is hard to visit other places. There is communal feel to this town and it everyone bonds over the football team.
People in Auburn are really nice. Everyone is very connected and traditional. The town is very quiet and calm.
I love the Auburn community. I was born and raised here. I would love to see more entertainment and things to do for all ages, that's what the area has really lacked for a long time. Overall the population has grown drastically over my 23 yr span of living here, but more things need to be added to keep the local community connected and on accord.
Auburn is a small, yet growing town filled with southern charm and hospitality. There is nothing like Auburn game days and being able to take in the comraderies taking place all around.
I love this small college town community. We are all family. I've lived here all my life. Fun place to go to school, shop and eat. Overall a perfect town.
So far my experience since moving to Auburn, Alabama has been good. When I first moved here it took a little bit of time to get adjusted to the area and work wasn't that easy to find. After i began college and found a good and steady job the experience has become enjoyable. i would however, like to see more diversity and more diverse activities throughout the community and more concerts in this area.
I enjoy the diversity of the town and the opportunities to do various things. There is not much of a night life besides bars and everything else closes by eleven, besides Walmart and Kroger. The library gives out monthly magazines that show opportunities of things to do around town. I would like to see less toilet paper rolling and maybe a few new book stores.
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