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Auburn is a beautiful college town in Alabama. It is green, clean and lively. Auburn has a great public school system and family-oriented.
Love Auburn! Great town to live in and raise a family. The cost of living is a little higher, comparatively speaking of other small towns in Alabama, but worth the money in order to be a part of a family, such as the town of Auburn. My daughter is staying in Auburn to go to Auburn University, which makes me happy as well.
I have lived in Auburn as a college student for four years now, and I am incredibly attached to the area. The only star missing is due to the lack of parking all around the downtown area. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, yet the college aspect is isolated from the city life.
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I like Auburn because its a small town with plenty of things to do. I am from a bigger metropolitan area and coming to auburn is very relaxing. The Auburn community is very friendly and there are plenty of good restaurants. Also, the town is really close t big metropolitan areas such as Atlanta and Birmingham.
Auburn is a charming area. While maintaining a small close knit community feel, it also manages to continue growing and offers a plethora of fun things to do. There are several golf courses around, including Robert Trent Jones, hiking in state parks, and a decent night life with amazing food.
Auburn is a great college town with lots of of small town hospitality. There is always something fun to do. Lots of great shopping and dining options.
I have lived in Auburn Alabama for the past 3 years. As a college student, I have enjoyed the small town feel with the college atmosphere. The only traffic Auburn has occurs on game days. Auburn is easy to navigate and I rarely have to worry about my commute time due to low traffic. Auburn is family friendly and has an excellent parks and recreation program. Keisel, Town Creek, Chewacla and the Red Barn are excellent parks to visit. Auburn's nightlife is concentrated in the downtown area, which makes it convenient find and be part of. I have never felt unsafe in Auburn, I often walk home from the library late at night and feel at ease. Housing in very affordable, and easy to find due to the great number of reality companies in Auburn.
After moving from Birmingham, I'm not a fan of the small town feel. Nothing is particularly bad in Auburn, just not as much access to all of the shops and experiences Birmingham has to offer. The other thing is bars. Being a college town, all of the bars are tailored for young partying college kids, which is not my style.
Auburn is a nice and friendly college town. The residents of Auburn are well mannered and easy to talk to. Although Auburn is a fun place to live, it could use more attractions.
Auburn is a great place to live. Its a small college town with a great atmosphere. Football season is amazingly fun ranging from countless parties and tailgating. Auburn has has wonderful people that live her and anyone would give you the short of of their back.
It's a very chilled area no. Shot crimes, affordable living with great paying jobs. Perfect for families and college students.
Auburn is a great college town. It is the home to Auburn University and it is good place for students to further their. The university has been ranked in the top ten best schools in Alabama. They housing is in walking distance so that the students don't have to travel by car, they can walk just about everywhere they need to go. They just remodeled their high school and it is very nice and spacious. I lived there for a few years before relocating to Georgia but I had to go back to Auburn would be no hesitation.
Auburn is an extremely friendly town, who has a passionate fan base and alumni for the University. It is a beautiful town that is well kept.
Auburn is a beautiful community. I never want to live anywhere else. The area is much cleaner than most cities. You get a small town feel with the big city perks.
This city is great for families and college students! Downtown is a little wild on Fridays and Saturdays though.
Auburn has a small town feel, but plenty to do. It is a great place for all ages. The residents are friendly and inviting. There is a unique, yet fun, atmosphere during football season.
I liked the scenery, its a college town full of life and friendly folks. I saw many dogs parks, trails perfect to go on hikes and peaceful lakes.
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I love the sense of community here. It's a very quaint college town with a deep love for football and learning. My only issue with it is the occupancy. The town is a bit on the crowded side. As a result, development is happening at rapid rate with little regard to the environment.
My experience here in Auburn has been awesome. I've been able too see many people and get to know their lifestyle no matter the race or culture. It is a very nice city to live in. One thing I would like to see change is make more living area more family oriented rather than students only. I say this because families need a place to stay and their not eligible for students housing. The housings are very expensive at least make them affordable.
I love the small town community in Auburn. It is a safe place to live for single young people. Everyone is helpful, if you ever need a hand. Not great sushi in the area, which is a bummer to me, but the community makes up for it!
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