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This town is growing up. It has light rail train service as well as a major bus transit hub at the same area. Plenty of schools for kids to go to as well as a Community College that offers 4 year degrees.
I grew up in a small town so moving to Auburn was different. I have been so impressed with the city sports and activities they have for children. I have had so much fun volunteering every year for my daughters baseball team and look forward to more family friendly activities. The only thing I would change is a couple years ago the city of Auburn discontinued their child care during the school year and my daughter misses that, so do I
I would like to see more fun things to do downtown like a autumn festival or ice skating during the winter.
Great place to live in. A lot of community resources available to every individual including the king county librararies, public parks (e.g. Game Park), golf parks, and other exciting resources to keep community members entertained.
i live in kent and study in auburn ,its nice place and their people so friendly ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................its amazing place to live and learn
A smaller town in King County. I've lived in Auburn for the last 3 years and have enjoyed the easy commute to the surrounding metropolitan areas. It is a quiet town that is seems to be for the most part a suburban area.
I truly love my community. We have wonderful neighbors who are always friendly. The roads are well maintained. There are often local events to attend which help in meeting those around your community.
I grew up in Auburn and attended the Auburn School District for all of my life. I would definitely say that Auburn is a good place to raise a family. Real Estate is affordable and there are many family-friendly housing developments.
My family has lived here for over one hundred years. We first came here in the 1800s and there has been a whole lot of changes throughout that time. My great-grandmother even graduated from the Auburn school district in I believe it was 1919. The city has grown exponentially. I only wish that the wonderful black farming soil had not been paved over and had so many businesses built upon it. I remember buffalo being raised where the racetrack is now. We seem to loose so much for progress.
Auburn is a small town next to Federal Way. There are some areas that could use some updating but the downtown area is really nice. There are lots of little shops and they host parades and a farmers market.
Auburn has some nicer areas than the downtown, which can seem a bit ragged around the edges. However, there are nice restaurants, shops and parks there and it's generally a nice place.
Auburn is overall a good town. The people are friendly, there is lots of art, and the high school I go to was just rebuilt.
I loved how involved the community is and the amount of history within the city. The alumni were always very involved with the highschool and the community was extremely supportive of eachother. I also enjoyed the large amount of diversiy that the city offered.
There are different parts of Auburn, I happen to live borderline Auburn/Federal Way. I've enjoyed my experience so far, and the education opportunities are great. However, there are many downsides, such as gun fire- mostly involving young teens of Auburn/Federal Way.
Auburn is a cheap place to live if you find the right neighborhood or community. There isn't much to do here because its such a small city. The down town area is only a few blocks although they are building more apartments.
I love how close knit this community is. It's a great place to live and feels like home everywhere you go
Overall this city is not too bad. But for some odd reason we have had a homelessness problem. Every corner grocery store you go to now has some guy dresses in raggedy clothing and a bike waiting outside. This really upsets me because Auburn wasn't like this before, we use to have beautiful stores and streets. Sadly the homeless problem we need to take up with the mayor.
Auburn is truly more than you imagined. When you drive through, at just about any given tie you'll notice how active it is. People are always out and about and activities are always going on to build up the community. Auburn has a very kind community and has a sort of warm presence that would normally be found in only a small rural town.
There are often sirens blazing weekend nights. A lot of vagrants tend to hang out at the library.
There isn't a whole lot going on around here. People keep to themselves.
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