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Auburn is great for the outdoors type of person. If you're into clubbing, bar-hopping, and the sorts, Auburn is not the place for you. There's also a good number of homeless people around the area, and drug addicts are also common. There are lots of activities outside, lots of hiking trails in and around the area.
Auburn is a great hometown community. We have a lot of family centered events, community involvement events, and mayors that come knocking on your door! What I would like to see changed is the amount of homeless people, drug activity and run down housing, especially around the casinos. I would also like to see the downtown area updated with shops, local business, and more areas people would like to come to, rather than condos or apartments.
Been in Auburn for decades. Would like to see more preservation of our natural areas when developing. Also a better way of dealing with the homelessness concerns in public parks.
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Located out of Seattle, a average town with a elevated cost of living. Traffic can be frustrating but not to horrible. Taxes are high. Jobs are not to hard to find but finding one with a wage you can live on is difficult.
Auburn is like any growing suburb, traffic is horrendous and seemingly getting worse. There is the Super Outlet Mall here though and its pretty awesome.
Auburn is a very nice town around 45 minutes south of Seattle. It has a very convenient public transport system. In order to avoid Seattle Traffic, you can also take the train from the Auburn train station which is located in the center of the town. Auburn is a lively town. We have a very large Muckleshoot Casino and nice park eastablished at our neighborhood. You can play frisbee and go to a rock climbing gym at your free time. But the inconvinient of the city is that the traffic can be very jammed since there are not many route you can go because of the terrain.
Auburn is a great, small, historic town with a personality. If you ever venture into Auburn, WA, I would suggest going to old downtown and new downtown to see fun shops from new to old. Auburn has a lot of great parks to visit that are pet friendly and family friendly. It has one of the best views from wherever you're at in town which is Mt. Rainer.

One thing I would love to change about Auburn is the homeless, drug, and crime rates. I have lived here for almost two years and I have seen all three increase in population. It is so sad to see such a historic town go the wrong way.
I'm not sure why other reviewers comment on high crime rate, as we recently moved from Seattle (a nice part of Seattle at that!) and I feel much safer about theft/breakins here as I did there (I had my car broken into twice in a year in Seattle). It is a wonderful, up and coming neighborhood. It has a genuine small town feel, yet still 30 minutes from either Seattle or Tacoma. Just a ten minute drive to target or Trader Joe's in the neighboring city of Kent. I'm not sure why property is still so affordable in this area, but my guess is that in a few short years it won't be! The downtown is adorable with a brand new brewery opening up and a couple great coffee shops, as well as vintage clothing and book stores. Parks are plentiful, views of Mt.rainier, a breathtaking river running through the town and bountiful green fir trees make for the most lovely backdrop. A brand new high school and elementary schools that are starting to get better scores. You really can have it all!
There are so many parks in Auburn. Each park is unique and always clean. I think this is important when choosing a park for your kids to play at.
The homeless population has grown over the past ten years. But not a bad plave to call home. Not much of a nighlife, but Auburn is very close to big city life.
I live in Auburn , it is a suburb of Seattle. By metro it takes an hour to get to downtown Seattle. Green River Community College and the Outlet Super Mall are in Auburn. Auburn is 45 minutes from Tacoma.
Auburn is a very safe and friendly town for all age and race. There are no racism and every is treated equally. Although we are a small town, we help each other anyway we can so nobody feels alone. The only thing that needs change in auburn is the roads because they are very bad to drive on, very old
Auburn is a great family friendly community. Great schools, lots of parks, a very active Parks, Arts, and Recreation department. Local shopping. Just a great place for kids to grow up in.
I enjoyed Auburn, Washington because it is a small town that has everything it needs in it. Its a great place to raise a family and grow. Plus it is five minutes away from four even bigger cites. Seattle is only a thirty minute drive away which is extremely nice.
I have lived in and around Auburn, WA all my life. The Auburn community is a vibrant area which offers its inhabitants a variety of community events, programs, and places to visit. The surrounding Auburn area has plenty of unique things to offer: a horse racing track, small airport, various parades (including a veteran's day parade- a rarity), amphitheater, and more. Growing up here, I have enjoyed the time I spent in the community's public schools, participated in the area's numerous community outreach events/programs, and taken my time to explore the various areas of attraction. Auburn is a lovely place to live and grow up in.
I would love to see more "green" areas and less residential expansion. Downtown Auburn is easy to navigate and offers an abundance of public services. However, the safety of Auburn is mediocre and there are hardly any trees or wildlife, except for on Green River College's campus.
A great place that is close enough to everything in the area but don't get the big city type feel. There is a bit more crime (theft mostly) in the area than I would like to see and there are a few areas I would definitely stay away from.
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Safeway, Grocery Outlet, Fred Meyer, Saar's Super Savers are all on the main bus line through Auburn, so easy access once you are on a bus.
Sounder train has commuter service at Auburn Station.
Schools aplenty, for certain. Bus service to Green River CC.

Not all areas are well-served by buses.
Police response is slow, if at all, to non-emergency calls - don't expect a response to drug dealing or theft or disturbance.
I have always lived in a dry and small town, but since I have moved to Auburn I have enjoyed the variety of people and greenery. I love living in Auburn because of all the different and interesting shops and sites that it has. Living in a small town binds you to only having a few key places you can go, while living in Auburn gives you so many more locations that you can explore. There are plenty of parks and places to go on a jog/walk.
Overall, Auburn isn't my favorite place. However, living in Lakeland Hills is pretty nice. The town center on top of the hill is nice and Haggen is a great store!
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