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I have lived in and around Auburn, WA all my life. The Auburn community is a vibrant area which offers its inhabitants a variety of community events, programs, and places to visit. The surrounding Auburn area has plenty of unique things to offer: a horse racing track, small airport, various parades (including a veteran's day parade- a rarity), amphitheater, and more. Growing up here, I have enjoyed the time I spent in the community's public schools, participated in the area's numerous community outreach events/programs, and taken my time to explore the various areas of attraction. Auburn is a lovely place to live and grow up in.
I would love to see more "green" areas and less residential expansion. Downtown Auburn is easy to navigate and offers an abundance of public services. However, the safety of Auburn is mediocre and there are hardly any trees or wildlife, except for on Green River College's campus.
A great place that is close enough to everything in the area but don't get the big city type feel. There is a bit more crime (theft mostly) in the area than I would like to see and there are a few areas I would definitely stay away from.
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Safeway, Grocery Outlet, Fred Meyer, Saar's Super Savers are all on the main bus line through Auburn, so easy access once you are on a bus.
Sounder train has commuter service at Auburn Station.
Schools aplenty, for certain. Bus service to Green River CC.

Not all areas are well-served by buses.
Police response is slow, if at all, to non-emergency calls - don't expect a response to drug dealing or theft or disturbance.
I have always lived in a dry and small town, but since I have moved to Auburn I have enjoyed the variety of people and greenery. I love living in Auburn because of all the different and interesting shops and sites that it has. Living in a small town binds you to only having a few key places you can go, while living in Auburn gives you so many more locations that you can explore. There are plenty of parks and places to go on a jog/walk.
Overall, Auburn isn't my favorite place. However, living in Lakeland Hills is pretty nice. The town center on top of the hill is nice and Haggen is a great store!
I love how Auburn is family and community-focused. The city sponsors many events which include all members of the family. They have several parks and take advantage of natural ecosystems by building sustainable structures in order for people to come and admire nature in its' natural habitat.
I love the small town feel Auburn has, I currently reside in the Lakeland Hills area. Lakeland Hills is one of the most sought after communities in Auburn, because of it's school districts, community feel, with plenty of walking trails, parks and activities for adults and children.
I've been living here for quite some time now, and honestly, it's quite a peaceful place compare to the other cities/town surrounding it. It's not a rural area since there are a lot of establishment around the city which would meet your needs for living. I would like to change the building structures, we need to blend the old architecture the new modern one.
I have lived in Auburn for approximately 15 months. My favorite thing about Auburn is the wonderful community center! They provide activities for kids over school breaks, mid-year, and over summer. There is a great park with a splash pad right outside. The senior center is next door, as is the White River Museum and the King County Library. My children's school, Chinook Elementary School, is so much better, academically, than what they had previously.
The one thing I don't like about living here is the crime.
Overall I like auburn but I do worry about safety and the quality of the schools here. My daughter goes to an elementary school around the corner from us and their facilities are lacking as well as the programs available to the kids. The staff is wonderful and committed to their jobs but it seems to me as if they don't have enough funding.
I like the trees and flowers in Auburn. I also love my school. The school staff is very helpful and friendly. My teachers are great. They are there for me anytime I have a question. The traffic is not crazy as in other state.
Auburn has wonderful community programs, parks and schools. Seattle and Tacoma are easily accessed by I-5. There is a wide range of neighborhoods to suit anyone's needs.
This town is growing up. It has light rail train service as well as a major bus transit hub at the same area. Plenty of schools for kids to go to as well as a Community College that offers 4 year degrees.
I grew up in a small town so moving to Auburn was different. I have been so impressed with the city sports and activities they have for children. I have had so much fun volunteering every year for my daughters baseball team and look forward to more family friendly activities. The only thing I would change is a couple years ago the city of Auburn discontinued their child care during the school year and my daughter misses that, so do I
I would like to see more fun things to do downtown like a autumn festival or ice skating during the winter.
Great place to live in. A lot of community resources available to every individual including the king county librararies, public parks (e.g. Game Park), golf parks, and other exciting resources to keep community members entertained.
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i live in kent and study in auburn ,its nice place and their people so friendly ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................its amazing place to live and learn
A smaller town in King County. I've lived in Auburn for the last 3 years and have enjoyed the easy commute to the surrounding metropolitan areas. It is a quiet town that is seems to be for the most part a suburban area.
I truly love my community. We have wonderful neighbors who are always friendly. The roads are well maintained. There are often local events to attend which help in meeting those around your community.
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