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I have lived in auburn almost my whole life. I feel very safe here great people, friendly. Has almost everything you need in one town grocery stores, clothing departmen's, gas stations, and family farm store for animals and clothing also.
Overall, Auburn is a quaint little town. The people here are for the most part friendly but the traffic seems to get a bit hectic.
Auburn Indiana is an amazing little town. I was born at the hospital in Auburn Indiana and currently live about 5 minutes from the hospital I was born in 23 years ago. We are a small town where everyone knows everyone and although some people may not like that concept I love it. The reason I love it is because we have an amazing community. Auburn's community went through quite a bit in 2016 as we lost more teenagers than normal. Mostly from car accidents. The way the community came together and supported each other in these hard times was amazing. From the donations, to the different things the children did to raise money for the parents, to the encouraging facebook posts, along with the meals made for the families, and the fact that every hometown business' showed support in one way or another. I love Auburn Indiana because we love each other and that is something you just do not see in very many places anymore.
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There are plenty of options for living apartment wise, but there are not very many houses for rent. When one does go up for rent, you have to be very quick in order to increase your chances of getting it.
Most people in the area tend to stay here for a long period of time. The town itself is not very exciting, I personally believe that we don't have anything that makes us stand out from other towns.
I feel very safe in my area even though you can never truly know when something bad will happen.
Normally it's not too bad of an area except when the car show and memorial weekend come around. During this time, there is an increase in traffic and rude people entering town. I wouldn't choose to live in this particular area again because down the road is a trailer park with a large amount of pedophiles and child molesters and I would not want my children to grow up in the area.
It's definitely not the ideal living city, but it definitely isn't a bad place to live at all. It is a great place to grow up and there are some things to see, but do not get your hopes up to see anything amazing. I would choose to live here all over again, for the sole reason being that I have met so many people that I could not imagine not being in my life today. Indiana has terrible weather, it can be 70 during the day one day, then the next day it can be snowing. The area is starting to care more about what it looks like and the crime.
The population is small, so the job market isn't very promising.
This area is not very interesting, and the businesses are similar.
There are several ethnic restaurants such as Mongolian, Chinese, Greek, and Authentic Italian. There are also the normal fast food restaurants and chain restaurants. The "specialty" restaurants are awesome, offering authentic quinine and drink. The fast food restaurants offer the typical menus offered by them. The chain restaurants, such as Bob Evans and Richard's offer "down-home" cooking. The local flavors offer small menus but they do them well.
There are a few things to see and do in the area such as Amish farms and towns to shop in. The county itself used to be the third richest county in Indiana, so the standard of living is just a little above average. The people here are mostly friendly and usually neighbors help out neighbors. Probably the most popular things to do are visit the lakes and the fairs during the summer months and early fall.
Most people in this area are farmers and most are friendly and church goers.
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