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It's a small town with good people. Everyone's friendly and the crime rate is almost nil. if you are looking for a private, friendly town, Auburn is right for you!
Small, quiet town with super friendly people and great restaurants. Low to 0 crime. Festivals all year. Not many jobs, but close enough to other towns for work.
Auburn is a very nice and quiet town which is the reason I love living here. There is hardly any crime which is always a good thing. The one thing that I do not like about Auburn is that it does not have many restaurants. I'm a very busy person so I do not have much time to cook. Having a more variety of restaurants would greatly benefit this town.
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The police patrol the streets to keep an eye on the citizens around town every night. The police are very nice and seem like they really care about the peoples safety.
This area is great for families. There are low crimes in this area, and there are a lot of security here. You can practically walk to the stores, restaurants, and schools with out worrying about people going missing or killing people. Auburn is a great town for neighbors to get to know each other and to make really nice and good friends.
In the area crime is not as big of a deal like most other areas near us. It is a small town so other than a few crimes here and there, my concern of safety is not a big issue. Not many cars drive through so visibility of police isn't a concern either.
The atmosphere is good and everyone is also friendly.
The public services are really good. There is a fire station and police stain right in town that are on top of things. The local laws are appropriate and make sense. The public services are especially great in the winter with keeping the roads and sidewalks clear of snow.
There is a wide range of employment options like fast food, insurance agencies, mechanics, and a job at the high school. With that being said there are many opportunities for hourly waged jobs for students, and there are also opportunities for people to begin careers with salaries.
There is not a whole lot of public transportation in the area because it is not a large city. However it is very safe to walk and bike around town because there are sidewalks everywhere. There aren't too many traffic issues unless there are things like construction.
The housing in this area is suburban with many side streets containing neighborhoods branching off one main street. The housing set up is great for younger families with kids as there is space to play in the yards and many kids and young families there already. The houses are of good quality probably in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to own with hardly any vacant areas.
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