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Auburn is a small town outside of Atlanta. The people are nice, helpful, and very respectful. Auburn cares about the citizens and works to keep the area clean and safe. The area is growing but not over populated.
Neighborhood that I live in is quiet, neighbors are nice, and surrounding area is close to work. Easy access to both major highways to lead into Atlanta and far enough away so that you don't hear vehicles traveling constantly.
I love Auburn and the people here. I would love to continue to go here to the schools that I'm going to right now. I love the soccer program, but the best part is that everything feels safe and people are kind.
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I like that it is a college town and safety is the number one goal. All of the area restaurants treat you with concern and make sure you get what you ordered. I have not been out to any of the night spots, but the students I have talked to enjoy going out in the city. Most of the residents work or go to school in the university.
It's very safe, I rarely hear any trouble.
Very safe place just nothing to do..
There is not much crime happening in the area.
If you are a city person, the area isn't for you.
I've lived her for about 6 years and haven't experienced any crime or safety violations
Dacula is a amazing place to live or visit. everyone is incredibly friendly and lots of more stores are opening.
Not a lot or any crime activity really seen or heard much in the area. Traffic cops seem to be a little over zealous when pulling people over but overall not really sure because not a lot happens in terms of big crimes thankfully.
The area nice; however, there is not a lot to do around the area except shop or eat mostly. Not a lot in terms of entertainment.
There is no area that is totally crime free, but I do not worry about walking down the streets in my town. I feel totally safe when I am out anywhere.
I hope I can always remain in this area. It's where I have lived since I was a year old. It really is my "hometown" in more than one way. I hope to always call this area my home.
Depends on what kind of style housing you prefer, but I think there is a wide range of different kinds of houses that any one could live here.
It's your typical Georgia weather. Not to hot, not to cold, and rains occasionally.
Restaurants are easy to find and very affordable. They make it easy on couples to find a nice place for date night, or for a group of friends going out to have fun.
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Finding a job in the are is very easy. Places are constantly hiring and looking for new potential.
There is very little crime, many neighborhoods all participate in neighborhood watching, and law enforcement does their job very well to keep crime off of the streets.
Very pet and family friendly, most of the people who have lived here I have known my whole life, people do not tend to move once they come here.
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