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I have lived in Atwater for most of my life. This town is small, but has mostly everything that one needs.
What needs some change is gangs, and violence
I have moved to Atwater from Merced since September 2012. I live with my boyfriend and his family and we reside in the country sides. where I live at is surrounded by potatoes, yams. almond orchards and a few dairy farm. it is nice, peacefully and refreshing.
Atwater is a small town with not many things to do but a rich and close community. Small enough to see someone you know out and about but big enough to go to the store and not see someone you know.
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I love the small town field. the town is now growing and more businesses are moving in which equals more jobs. the schools are great I have had four children that have attened school there. I moved to atwater during the sixth grade and graduated from Atwater High School. I have even taught for many the school. I love it here.
I like everything about Atwater. I have lived here my whole life and it has been a great experience. I have many great friends. The only way I would want it to improve would be the community and stores around.
Most of my family lives in Atwater and I grew up there as a child. Atwater has grown into a place of so much destruction and fear of violence
Atwater has a small town feel but you still have access to stores, restaurants, and shopping centers. Many people feel the need to go to Merced or Modesto for clothes shopping because the selection is quite small since there is no Atwater Mall. Safety is decent but there are spurts of gang violence with the teenagers. The two high schools - Buhach Colony and Atwater High - create a fun rivalry, although it did escalate to the tagging of both high schools in the 2015-2016 school year. At night there is not much to do because it is a small town. Most things close at approximately 9 pm. This seems to be the most common complaint among young adults.
What I like about Atwater, California is that there is no traffic in this city. I would like to see more stores open in Atwater. That way us, the residents, do not have to driver to another city when we have to shop for clothes. Also so that this creates more jobs.
I live on the outskirts of Atwater surrounded by almond orchards. Atwater is a small town in a farming community about 10 miles from Merced. It has a nice shopping center. My brother attends the local high school which my family has had a good experience with. Atwater has it's pretty time of year during the spring when the almond trees bloom. It creates a spectacular view and fragrance.
The school systems are the best thing about the Atwater area. There is a lot of pride and spirit for both the schools in the area. The teachers and administrators are excellent. However, for those of us who do not attend grade and high school it is difficult to find jobs. Many of the jobs require a candidate to be bilingual or they hire friends. There are too many hard working people not being awarded jobs they are qualified for because they do not know the right kinds of people or do not speak Spanish.
More jobs and retail/grocery stores, as well as nightlife, and community events so that people are more active.
I currently reside in Atwater, and in my opinion be sides Livingston Ca, it is the next best town to live in Merced County. It has a lot of community activities, but I do feel that the cost of living is a little high.
Many people in the area know each other and many of the people leave their vehicles unlocked and have their windows rolled down.
The atmosphere here is great the neighbors are very friendly and there are many fun activities to do around here.
I have only lived in two towns my whole life and Atwater has been the best.
The living around this area ain't as bad,but there isn't much distractions for kids,teenagers,and adults .There is a couple of good beverages but not as good.Tge cost of living is not bad ,tent dents are a good price as well as food. The atmosphere around is OK but if I could move I woule.
U dont have oneways or parking fee
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Well dont have no crazy storms its hot
Not to many but gets wild
Small community and no jobs
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