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94 reviews
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I like that Attleboro is located close to Rte 495 and Rte 95. We have easy access to shopping and close to a variety of jobs.
Attleboro is a hub town: it is conveniently located in the middle of everything. It is near Boston, very close to providence, and reasonably close to New York.
I purchased my first home (a condo/duplex) in Attleboro, attempting to live below my means and dedicate myself to my career by moving nearby. Although I was pleased considering proximity to highways and the commuter rail, I was quickly disgusted by the overall culture in my neighborhood and even while out running errands in town. Everyone I've come into contact with is rude and loud, the streets are constant chaos, the neighborhoods look like dumps, and the approach to raising children is like none I've ever seen (non stop screaming, blocking traffic, damaging property, tantrums if ever told no.) It's a hassle to leave the house and take a quick necessary run to the pharmacy or grocery store. This town is trashy and filled with rude, ignorant, uneducated, selfish, and hostile residents. This is coming from a long term resident of NH, previously born and raised in the Midwest. I'll be taking the financial burden within a year after my home purchase to sell immediately.
I love living in Attleboro, especially on a dead end. It is very quiet and peaceful here and the neighbors are so friendly.
Attleboro is a city in Bristol County, Massachusetts, United States. It was once known as "The Jewelry Capital of the World" for its many jewelry manufacturers. According to the 2010 census, Attleboro had a population of 43,593 in 2010.

What I like about Attleboro is its transportation facilities options. The city is home to two MBTA commuter rail stations: one in the downtown area and the other in the South Attleboro district, near the Rhode Island border. Attleboro and Taunton are both served by the Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority, or GATRA, which provides bus transit between the two cities and the surrounding regions.

As for education in the city, the elementary and middle school systems are great. However, the high school guidance counselors tend not to care about their students. High school cared much more about their athletics not on helping their students to be succeed to enter better colleges. Hope this changes for better over the upcoming years.
Attleboro is a town that makes you feel like you are right at home, even if you've traveled from other states and wished to see something new. I've lived in Attleboro for about 6 years, and its definitely a place where you can raise a family and know that you'll be safe. As well as that Boston is only an hour away, and providence is about 12 minutes from the town. I would highly recommend coming to Attleboro for the restaurants and local gatherings.
I love Attleboro because there are many areas that make the city feel rural in the parks and woody areas. The people are friendly and helpful. I think an item that could be improved is the support from the city of public education so that children have the excellence in education they deserve.
Honestly, I don't know much about this, and cannot review housing.
There is a lot of community events going on here. From the many schools to the many sports leagues, people are active. While it may not be extraordinary, there is a lot that goes on here.
Police presence in this town is very good. I have complete confidence in them. I have lived here for many years, and have not heard of any major incidents happening here. I believe this is a very safe town.
My neighborhood seems really safe, free from crime and danger, and issues such as vandalism and graffiti. However, knowing that the city I live in isn't the best and certainly not the safest, I never know what to expect. I don't let my guard down when walking down my street, for example, but for the most part I feel that I will be just fine when on my own.
I feel like this neighborhood compared to others in the city of Attleboro is really comfortable to live in. I live on a quiet street yet I'm near mall outlets and restaurants which is a great balance. The people living in this neighborhood are kind; when my family and I moved here, we got several welcome gifts, and some neighbors filled us in a little on the neighborhood which was nice, and something I don't remember any past neighbors doing for us (we moved four times within this smaller city). This is the kind of neighborhood I would want to live in sometime in my future. However, the city itself isn't one I enjoy generally. While this neighborhood is comfortable, the rest of the city isn't for me; it can be strange and quite dangerous, but it's not always so clear to see (sometimes it very well is). I do feel like the city is becoming better though, with new and improved roads, to more houses and condos being built, to new stores, which I think is bringing more people in in a positive way. I won't live here forever, but rather live in a city whose general atmosphere is that of this very neighborhood.
There are little to no crimes committed in this area but if there is police are always quick to respond and i feel safe in this neighborhood.
Overall I have enjoyed living in this neighborhood. It is very calm and peaceful with a convenient park near by.
Attleboro is a good little town. I would definitely live here again if I had to do it all over.
I don't notice much crime in my area
I have lived here my whole life ready for change
I live in an apartment owned by my grandmother and my aunt lives down stairs. Close to family and schools.
It's a very safe neighborhood and protected.
friendly neighborhood and nice and clean
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