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Attica Township Reviews

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After a while there is nothing to do. Its the same stuff over and over again.
Winters can get very bad, but people living here are accustomed to it. Potholes are very prevalent.
Country living, unique houses with usually lots of land.
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People stay here and raise families very often, lots of generations have lived here.
Very little town, hosts a fair and festival each summer but that's essentially it.
A lot of the same things day to day. Very typical small town
Lots of fast food, lots of little local family restaurants.
There are closeby police and fire departments and I believe they are good public services.
Nice gyms and lots of backroads to run down.
Everybody is pretty much cut from the same cloth.
Pretty good mixture, not many clothing shops but lots of gas stations.
Lots of small jobs for teenagers, not so many jobs for adults.
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