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Living in Atoka for the past 12 years, I found it a town full of community spirit, leadership, and positive economic growth. The Mayor and Alderman are genuinely concerned about the wants and wishes of the residents and strive to their utmost to meet the needs of their constituents. In a timeperiod wherein the nation as a whole is lacking respect for their fellow citizens, Atoka is a breath of fresh air. Everybody is "in it to win it". There is relatively no racism and helping your fellow neighbor no matter race, creed, color, or religion or wealth stature, is the main goal. It's all about lending that helping hand. It's all about family values and teaching the young right from wrong in any context. I am proud to call Atoka my home.
Its very safe. There is very little crime.
Its very friendly and safe here. I enjoy it, but there is not much to do. It gets very boring.
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This is an extremely safe town. I've never felt unsafe walking around my neighborhood, even at night. The police are always close by and quick to answer. Of course there are the occasional small crimes, but they always end up taken care of.
It's very great for a small, quiet town. Everyone is friendly, and we have most of the stores we need nearby. There are always small things going on to help the children have fun and bring the community together, such as the movies at walker park.
Peaceful atmosphere, nice neighbors, and crime free neighborhood.
I would choose to live here again. We have great people and even better Mexican food!
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