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we have great fire ad police stations. i wish we had more public transit
it is absolutely beautiful here! we have the most amazing sunsets and beaches.
theres a lot of drug use and dealing in this area and most of the other crimes committed are drug related
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the weather here is pretty hot most of the time. we have thunderstorms most days in the summer and we get frequent hurricanes and tropical storms. I can typically wear bathing suits most days in the summer. winters here are mild.
Many of the restaurant have great food and drinks, but there is very little night life and dancing.
many of the people here have good jobs, and with the summer months quickly approaching more jobs are opening up because of the large amount of tourism.
I live in a community that is ran by tourism, so many of the stores appeal to out of town people but I can get every thing I need here unless its clothes. We have very few clothing stores to chose from.
The majority of houses here are empty vacation homes.
The local events are enjoyable, but they are rare and not at the most convenient times for everyone.
Traffic here is terrible, namely due to tourists.
Typically most restaurants here are tourist-traps consisting of seafood and buffets.
The locals all know one another, but there's not a sense of "family" really.
It's an okay area, but it's becoming more commercial unfortunately.
There is not much room in my community for interaction with nature, unfortunately.
The local businesses are much better than any outside competitors.
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