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Atlantic Highlands is your typical small town. Walking down the main street is a reunion. It has a charm about it that can make anyone feel like they are at home. Being 5 minutes from the beach, we get a nice ocean breeze at night in the summer. The ferry that runs out of the harbor is a 40 minute ride to Manhattan, New York. There is no place I would rather live.
The area I grew up in is a small town. I know all the kids I went to school with, which is very nice. You feel as though you didn't get lost in the shuffle. New Jersey has the reputation of being very expensive to live in. So, I would rather seek a much cheaper state to live for my future, unless New Jersey changes, I would like to stay here.
This area is very safe. People don't even lock their front doors in my town.
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Housing is really top-knotch, but can be very pricy.
Heroin abuse is bad in this area. There are many clinics set up to help addicts.
The weather here is wonderful, but of course Sandy had a big impact.
The food in this area is incredible. We're right on the ocean, so the sea food is killer.
Employment is bad everywhere, but this area is doing pretty well as far as jobs.
Lots of Mom&Pop, but also large stores.
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