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Some areas are not safe, the casinos that shut down was very bad for the business aspect of AC, certain prices for rent is expensive
Atlantic City used to be a great place to raise your family until the casinos came and took over. Kids had things to do. They had the piers to go to. Although casinos did create jobs for people it also brought more crime. I grew up there in the 70s & 80s. I couldn't imagine living there now.
Easy commute with plenty of sights to see. Beaches, concerts, hospital, food all easily accessible. Highly diverse. Just be safe.
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I like Atlantic City because everything is on walking distance such as, my job, grocery stores, shopping malls, and schools.
If I could change, it would be more clean (Streets and sidewalk).
Fun and entertaining. The city never sleeps. There is always things to do. You will not get bored living in Atlantic City.
Atlantic City, although known for its wild nightlife, is from being safe anymore. Before, people can enjoy nice walks at the boardwalk and hang out with friends and family. Take pictures with the many historic statues. Atlantic City was a great place to be until it became a violent city.
I love going to Atlantic City! There is something for everyone, and my family has been going for years!
Atlantic City has been trying to be a tourist town for as long as I can remember. What people tend to forget that that real people and real families live here in Atlantic City. The City of Atlantic City only cares about certain tourist attractions but won't think twice about cleaning up where the residents live. I would like to see the City of Atlantic City start to show that they care about its resident just as much as they care about the tourists.
i like the beach and the boarwalk . i would like to see change the job opportunities so that residents will stop leaving the state .
I've lived in A.C for 25 years and while there has many changes in the City. There are still some really great gems here. I love enjoying the free beaches located conveniently in front of casinos with easily accessible food such as the Tropicana. There are free fireworks on Saturday nights at the the Tropicana. There is also great art work display amongst the Tánger Outlets and mostly all streets downtown that have been painted by local artist. Great food and many different cuisines at soo many local restaurants and dive bars. My favorite grab n go is Baltimore Grill and then there's great places such as Vagabond and Docks Oyster House. Fun and affordable enjoyment.
I enjoy the night life and the restaurants. There is always something to do. The amount of homeless people is overwhelming. They constantly stop you on the street asking for money. Besides that it's not too bad. There is easy transportation if you don't have a car.
I believe that the city is a wonderful place with many opportunities that arise at every corner. Being that their are many casinos and businesses arounf the area, there is always room for growth and employement. Not only that, but because it is a city that is always bustling and alive, there is always something to do there. Whether it be hitting one of the five major clubs that the city provides or going to a 24/7 bars. I love that I grew up in this area and will always treasure the experiences and skills that I have gained from living there.
My town is not the largest, but it is exceptionally unique. Many landmarks and casinos mark a special memory is all who visit it!
It's an interesting experience to grow up in Atlantic City. It's nice to wake up and smell the salt from the ocean or spend the afternoon walking down the famous Boardwalk. Not a lot of kids can say that they got to see the Miss America pageant or the annual airshow on the beach. I love the small-knit community we have in Atlantic City where everyone knows almost everyone. However, due to extreme budget cuts and the city being neglected in the over-spending America, casinos are running out of business, the city has no money, and the community is falling into ruins. It would be a sad sight to see the city become a ghost town. In addition, the city is also known how famously dangerous it is whether it be a gun fight or someone getting jumped at night. Even so, this city will always be my hometown and I will always remember when it was at its height of glory.
What I Loce about Atlantic City is the attractions and historic sights. There are many historical areas and it even has its own TV shoe called Boardwalk Empire wilhich basically gives a rundown on how the city shaped itself to be a nationwide attraction. What I would like to see change is the way theyve handled the tourist aspect of the town and I also would like to see the town get city run instead of state run thats recently come to fruition
The overall experience was a bit of a let down. Most the places we visited were lacking. We had to walk in areas that weren't safe at times. The entertainment was fairly good. People somewhat friendly and helpful.
Atlantic City needs more amusement and family orientated entertainment. I love that everything is accessible like shopping and eating at a variety of restaurants and pubs. The boardwalk and beaches are great for daily walks to relax your mind and meet new people!
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atlantic city an okay place to live not quite good if you raising a family. it very noisy it more of night life place to live because of the casino
I love Atlantic City because it is very ethnically diverse. However, the economy is going down and people are losing thousands of jobs. People are emigrating from this city because they cannot find enough source of income to provide for their families.
It's a good place to come to when it's warm. This city reaches its peak on the days the tourists and locals are at the beach, the upper-class folk are at their beach houses, when the city-goers come in by train and bolster the taxi business by trying to go everywhere. Only in the warmth is this place great.
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