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I lived in Atlanta 40 yrs the public school system hurrible. The traffic is terrible because of over population. It's hard for residents to get a job but someone from another state can come and easily get a job.
I was born and raised in Atlanta. Over the past few years Atlanta has been become a very Metropolitan city. I think of Atlanta as a big city with Southern Charm and a rich history.
I would like to see more safe and affordable housing available to low income families.
I would also like to see more neighborhood centric business.
The traffic and roads are horrible. But overall it can be a great place to work and live. Anything outside of the metro area probably won't be as diverse as in Atlanta.
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The communities meed to be cleaned up and homes need to be repaired business need to be created and jobs .
It's an ok place to stay. The community is also good in certain places but it could be a lot better than what it is.
I like the diversity of Atlanta. One thing that could be changed about Atlanta is repaving the roads.
I love the vibe of Atlanta. It is such a growing city, with many activities and job opportunities available to the people living here. Atlanta is a great place to go if you're looking for an affordable cost of living, good food, and great people. The introduction of the Mercedes Benz stadium right in the West End is a great staple for the city. People come here for opportunity and a second chance, and it is easy to make things happen if you work hard and apply yourself. Atlanta just needs some helping hands when it comes to the public school system and homelessness.
I have lived in Atlanta for a while now as a student at Georgia State University. Atlanta has been a fantastic city. There are many places to have fun and spend time with family or friends and just have a fun time. There is a great variety of restaurants around for you to have a fantastic dinner. Although there is a lot of homeless people, the city is actually safe and healthy. You will be able to see police officer every hour in different places. There are also a great variety and amount of job opportunities around the city. I would like to see people helping the homeless around Atlanta so they can get a job and have a better lifestyle.
I love that there is always something to do no matter what day it is. There are so many different people from different ethnicities, cities, and backgrounds.
It's Okay. It could be better. It's better than most cities that I have been to. I enjoy the food and entertainment. It's not the best city to date in.
Atlanta is a really great place to live or study in. Highly recommend this place.
The atmosphere is OK, the people are friendly, lots of entertainment place, good supermarket. It's a really good place that you should visit sometime!!
It's an alright city I suppose. Atlanta has a foundation that supports a myriad of processes through interconnectivity and improved efficiency. Can be physical or intangible.
Atlanta is a very modernized city. There are so many things to do, including, clubs, bars, comedy shows, activities for kids, celebrity sightings, and most of all... Lots of DIVERSITY!!!
The midtown area of Atlanta is wonderful. Beautiful neighborhoods within walking/biking distance to major employers. Piedmont Park and others provide exceptional outdoor space. Atlanta needs to invest in mass transit to alleviate traffic issues. If you can afford to live in midtown and not find it necessary to get on the interstate to travel during rush hour, it's a great place. If you have to be on the highway, it's awful
I enjoy the diversity and accessibility to amenities and entertainment. However, the city and the roads weren't meant to accommodate exponential growth year after year. The traffic definitely shows for it and the types of uninformed drivers getting into and causing wrecks every day. A lot of the historical landmarks, amenities, restaurants, and entertainment is, unfortunately, getting town down to implement new high-rises that provide the eat, play and live concept which helps Atlanta lose its charm. to be washed into a black and white, stiff, professionals only, expensive city to live in. It's great to push out poverty, and at-risk children/people into the suburbs, but it's just not the same anymore. Job opportunities are sky rocketing with new companies moving their IT headquarters here but the idea of expansion out is very hard in a deep, red conservative state... also, very scary if you're a minority.
I like that Atlanta is a place full of opportunity. Particularly for black entrepreneurs and people who aspire to have careers in media. Atlanta is the NYC of the south and has drawn in so many different people from different parts of the country its become a very interesting and diverse place. I've learned a plethora of new things form my experiences in Atlanta and am excited for all the new experiences that have yet to come.
Atlanta is an amazing busy city. So much to see and do. Different seasons and festivals. The music , the art , the doggies, the people are so friendly the traffic sucks and that would be the only thing I would change if possible.
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Atlanta is known for its night life and rich diversity. I love the family friendliness of the city and the cost of living compared to other major cities like Los Angeles and New York. There are plenty of healthy options to eat and a lot of job opportunities.
Atlanta is a growing, vibrant city with a diverse population. The redevelopment that is going on helps to improve the city. The only negative I can see is gentrification and its ill effects.
I like the opportunities that the city has for; purchasing property, furthering ones education, job placements.
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