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Atlanta is a great city! There is always so much to do! The best part of living in Atlanta is the people!
Atlanta Georgia is full of potential. Sometimes some areas are a little rough than others. And standard of living can be very expensive but more than likely atlanta is a good vibe.
Atlanta is a big buzzing Metropolis, there is always something to do whether it is nerd conventions or Music Festivals. The city is among the most diverse in the country, with people from all the world's nationalities walking the streets. Atlanta is also a major economic hub, so the city is in constant development, with many different job opportunities available. If the was one thing I would like to see changed is the safety of the city; a decent amount of neighborhoods can be dodgy due to homelessness. I would also like to see a slight improvement in public education. Despite this, Atlanta is a great city to live in
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I have lived in Atlanta my entire life and it is a great city. There is lots of diversity here and lots of different things to experience depending on where you are in the city. I also love that it is such a green city, with so many beautiful trees and small parks.
Atlanta is a great place to start a business. Atlanta is fast pace so keep up. There many opportunities in Atlanta from starting a business to getting around the town with just a card.
There is no place like Atlanta. It is filled with diverse, ambitious people who know how to work, but also party.
Atlanta is one of those cities that I would recommend visiting at least once. There aren’t many places where you get to go a see the World of Coca-Cola, Martin Luther King exhibits, the dolphin show at the aquarium, and the list goes on.
I always brag about how nature has been kind to Atlanta. The sky is bright in Atlanta and the trees are green. Atlanta with our hills and waters. Atlanta full of raw talents and fun. Bustling city full of people from every walks of live. Atlanta is always alive never asleep, filled with love and hope.
I love Atlanta there are so many things you can do. It's very diverse city there are good restaurant and good people around.
Its diverse and has a lot of culture. The traffic can be frustrating but the diversity is amazing. I would definitely recommend the city for those who wan to be able to interact with a lot of other people
I liked the city it was the best. People should really go their more because there is a lot of stuff do to in the city even though you would think there is not enough.
Atlanta should be nicknamed the city that never sleeps. There is always something to do and plenty of places to go. Atlanta is known for its gentlemen clubs but they have an array of things for everyone to do and see. Atlanta so many historical landmarks. The one thing I would to see change is the traffic. The traffic during rush hour is terrible.
Atlanta is one of my favorite cities to visit on the weekends. With popular destinations such as Ponce City and Krog Street Market, grabbing a meal has never been easier or more delicious. If you are looking to be active, I suggest visiting Centennial Olympic Park or the Belt Line for a brisk jog or just a mild stroll to experience Atlanta's scenery. Not to mention the popping college scene with facilities for Georgia State State University and Georgia Tech providing beautiful campus tours as well. For your shopping needs, I suggest trying stores like Buffalo Exchange or stores within Ponce City Market to find a one-of-a-kind piece. There is always something to do in Atlanta!
I’ve had a pretty good experience with Atlanta thus far. A very busy, populated and moving city. There are iffy parts but overall it’s great
I enjoy Atlanta because everything is easily accessible and the opportunities are endless! I love working to build my city and grow relationships with new people.
Atlanta is pretty good in my opinion but I don’t live in the main city area I live in neighborhood area and the people are wonderful and the community is amazing. The school are ok but they could do better on how clean some part of the schools are but every school is dirty so it’s fine.
People are really nice, and Metro Atlanta is a great place for families. If you go north east to the richer parts of the area, you may find a lot of divorced families (I believe is caused by the money). It makes the public schools kind of a mess because the kids get away with so much. I am finding more and more parents throw money at their kids because they don't have time for them, so the kids use the money to make very bad decisions. That is not everyone and everywhere, however, and it can be avoided.

The climate is so nice. The traffic is not.
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Not a great place to raise young children or retire in..Schools are all failing schools unless you have money to put your child in the best schools in the best surburban area.. People of color has no regard for other people of color.. They drive as if they have death wises here.. There is only one thing I can take from Atlanta is that there employment opportunities are A+ but nothing else! Don"t let the reality Tv get you and think its all of that, because its not! Please save yourself and your Family and dont come here...
Atlanta is a busy city. There are a lot of great malls and restaurants. The traffic gets pretty hectic, but it's no difference from any other major city. Personally, I also feel the city is safer compared to cities like Chicago. Another thing to note is that there are lots of homeless people. That may take some getting used to.
I love living in Atlanta the weather is nice year-round. If you are riding public transit the wait times can be a bit longer if the bus comes at all. The Trains are normally on time.
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