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I have lived here my whole life and I honestly am not tired of it yet. I love how central it is to several different activities. The city continues to grow and creates more diversity without being so chaotic and busy like other popular cities in the U.S. There is so much culture in the city and it has become so diverse through the new restaurants that can be found in the city. The city promotes active lifestyle by having the belt line that stretches from each corner of the city. Many can find their favorite activities in the city and many are held by small businesses, which makes it even more enjoyable. Atlanta has a lot to offer and continues to modernize the city piece by piece. Many downtown buildings stretch high and give the perfect view for a colorful sunset that reflects off the mirror buildings. Overall, Atlanta continues to grow and bring so much diversity and fun activities.
Atlanta isi a great place for single women looking for great opportunities in the arts. I think the city is thriving with night life. The restauarnts and people are diverse. The culinary experiences are worth the money. I think like every other city in the world there is a safety issue with robberies in the streets and homeless people begging on the streets. The smell from homeless people can ruin someone's walk.
I enjoy the culture of Atlanta, although I'd like to see the marta system grow to cover more of the area.
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I moved to Atlanta for a fresh start as well as for school. I'm a first generation college student with big plans for my future. I know that Atlanta has endless opportunities for myself as well as for others to becoming successful. Atlanta is a huge melting pot with many different diverse cultures. I learn something new about people and my city almost everyday. The one thing that I love the most about my city is the atmosphere. I can always feel the positive energy that flows through my city. I also thoroughly enjoy being able to experience all four seasons as I'm originally from Florida. I don't see myself moving away from Atlanta at all. This is where I will start my family and live out the rest of my life. I will ALWAYS encourage others to take a chance and move somewhere new, especially if it's Atlanta, Ga!!
Amazing city with storied heritage and pride in african-american history. Since 3/11, it has taken great strides to champion LGBTQIA+/- rights and just recently passed a hate crimes bill.
Atlanta is a city full of genuine expression, diverse business, and creativity. Wherever you go, you're bound to find something worth indulging in. The environment is quite fast-paced when traffic isn't backed up, that is.
Atlanta has a lot of activities and places to visit, there's amazing places to go and amazing places to eat as well.
This city made me for who I am. They I walk, talk, think, my way of life is form around this city the culture and love runs deep here the people are nice and have very upward personalities. The food and music is outstanding and the overall vibe here is one you have to experience.
Atlanta is a very lively and busy city. As a result, there is lots of traffic at times. However, it is not difficult to find ways to occupy yourself in the city.
I love the diversity In Atlanta. I love that it's a city with all the things a big city offers, but it's also very green. I love the small-town feel of the people--most people are very friendly and always make eye contact or say hello.

What I'd change about Atlanta is the insane traffic and the poor public transportation. Atlanta is a sprawled out city, so our public transportation leaves a lot to be desired. Traffic is awful almost every day because of this and poor urban planning.
Atlanta is a great place for multicultural activities. There are great schools. There are a lot of great communities to raise children. Some areas are low crime areas. The traffic is not that great!
Atlanta is great place that is constantly growing and improving in many ways. It is an open city that promotes change and encourages progressive ideas and solutions. It has become very marketable location where businesses have come to thrive. Since growing up in the area I have seen a positive change.
I really like how Atlanta has things to do for anyone. You can walk on the Beltline, climb Stone Mountain, watch a performance at the Fox Theatre; you name it Atlanta has it. Although it is a large city, I see people I know everywhere and always greet them with a warm Southern hospitality. There really is no place like Atlanta.
Extremely expensive to live/eat/do anything within the city and the traffic is horrible but the nightlife is excellent and great job opportunities (pre-pandemic) at least.
I have lived in Atlanta,GA most of my life and I thoroughly enjoy it. I'm a black woman where and this is the birthplace for the Civil Right's Movement. I am able to receive an abundance of black culture and explore other cultures as well. The only downside is the traffic, that can be an all day event.
Atlanta is a wonderfully diverse city that has a rich culture of supporting the arts and civil rights movements throughout the modern era, including today. There is a wide range of places to eat any kind of food you like, watch whatever sport you like, and get involved in whatever hobby catches your interest. Unlike New York, things here still rely on a standard 9-5 schedule, and it can be a bit unfriendly to those who work third shift or who are habitual night owls. However, whatever your needs, the vast majority of them can be met in Atlanta.
Love that there is still southern hospitality with culture and night life. Great foodie capital with diverse eateries and entertainment. Also tends to have affordable housing in and outside of the city that is nice. Greatest challenge is the traffic infrastructure. As the city is growing faster than its highways
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As an Atlanta native I love this city. I've lived in other states but nothing compares to ATL. As a black person i enjoy the community here. The vegan scene is also pretty advanced. There is always something to do here regardless of what you're into, there is something for everyone. Unfortunately the job pay wages have yet to catch up with the progressiveness of Atlanta. Wages have increased very little in past 10yrs yet, housing cost rise every year. There seems to to be a lot of sourced workers coming in that can afford these condos that seem to be popping up every. The education here does not equip the youth to compete in their own city let alone the world.
I love the cities energy,there is so much to do the food is great and the people are kind atlanta and you never get bored or tired because there is always something new to do
I am from Atlanta. I am now 22 year old. What i miss about Atlanta and would want to change now is the is how they teen gatherings as far as Golden Glide to bring the kids together to have a good time as far as the lock in event they had created for us to dance party all night with no one in or out for a few hours those were the best days i miss and would want to bring back to bring children together to have a good time
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