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Atlanta is a wonderful city. I would like for there to be more work/life areas. It is a nice area to raise a family however they have a high tax rate which falls in line with a high cost of living.
Luv this city! I am an original Georgia Peach, Atlanta has grown through the years and I am proud to say I am a Grady Baby. There are many things to do in the ATL.
The food in Atlanta is absolutely amazing. A great capture of southern food and hospitality. From Mary Mac's to Fox Bros BBQ, you'll be sure to find a flavor that suits you. After eating, going to one of our many parks is always fun, especially Piedmont Park, which has quick access from the famous Beltline.
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As a single young adult, there is always something to do in Atlanta. The nightlife is always live. Food is always an include: Murder Mystery Theater, Live Shows, and various culturally authentic dining styles. However the biggest complaints are traffic and rent prices.
Atlanta is a city where anyone wanting to become someone can make something of themselves. There plenty opportunities for improvement everywhere in the city. Atlanta is a great place for all and its only getting better.
The Atlanta metro area with a thriving city offering opportunities to young professionals in many industries. The entertainment and music arenas are exceptional as well and give you a vase variety of styles food.
Atlanta is phenomenal. There is always something to do, and people to meet. You can find something fun for any type of person. Atlanta has all types of people, so meeting new friends is a breeze.
Atlanta is very vibrant city. This city is the new Hollywood everything is here. From movie sets to the best recording studios and producers.
Overall I like Atlanta. It has been my home for the last 13 years. I really enjoy working and playing in such a diverse city that is constantly changing in ways to stay competitive with other major metro cities.
I love the amusement parks in Atlanta. In the city of Atlanta there are several job opportunities for any one who want to move there.
I have lived in Atlanta for 14 years. cost of living is not bad but its hard to get a good-paying job and most people live from pay-check to pay-check.
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I have been living in the City of Atlanta for approximately 10 years. Throughout those years, I have enjoyed a good living with my family. The city of Atlanta offers an experience for everyone with its tourist attractions, employment opportunities, and high quality education. I particularly like the diversity offered by the city. Atlanta is rapidly growing and many groups of people from around the world have come to seek great opportunities. This in turn has let to a plethora of unique experiences from food to cultural activities and events. While I have high thoughts regarding the City of Atlanta, I have a major issue with its traffic. Traffic in Atlanta has been so criticized that the city itself has been stereotyped with the issue. A better road system is something that I would love to see implemented into the city to not only solve traffic issues, but further improve its growth for years to come.
Diversity is at the key of what makes this city great. The huge and popular airport is also great. The fact that there are several universities here also adds to the overall value of the place
Atlanta is a beautiful city to live overall, but as with all the cities in the States, it also has some pro and cons. The first thing comes to mind while talking about Atlanta is traffic. It is terrible here, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. The next thing to mention as a con here will be the crime rate here in the city. Authorities really have to step up and find a way to control the offense. When you look at the pros of the city, there are a lot to mention, but one has to visit himself actually to see that. There are a lot of attraction places to visit, beautiful food places all around the city. Overall it is a good place to spend some days with your family.
An up and coming city whose roots go deep into the south, but its branches are reaching higher than ever before. A thriving and growing culture scene is growing along side a food and drink scene. Though traffic is an issue, if you're within the city limits movement is not terrible.
Mass transit including metro trains. 17 counties making the Metropolitan area. Diverse culture of all make ups. Crime controlled.
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Atlanta, Ga has something new and different to offer every day. Weather and traffic is always unpredictable. The city has been growing fast since the 96' Olympics.
I love diversity since it has always been a part of me, I realized that is one thing we do have in Atlanta alsoI touring around the city as well and being scalable getting to know people
Atlanta is a beautiful city wit lots of opportunity to expand your horizons. There are many activities for individuals as well as families.
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