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Atlanta is a great place to tour and to enjoy a fun nightlife. It is full of various activities to do including visiting one of the world largest aquariums, the Coca Cola factory, and the civil rights museum. Atlanta should improve the moving of traffic the highway is constantly backed up.
My experience in Atlanta wax a amazing one. There are so many charming areas within the city. There is something for everyone in Atlanta. Atlanta a extremely fun, the arena for the basketball team and the football are both in the city. The CNN is right there. Everything is walking distance. I once did walked from my neighborhood to the downtown area and then midtown and it was refreshing. The subway sucks in my opinion so I rather walk. The night life and another reason way I love Atlanta. Hot Atlanta has a place for whatever you're in the mood and don't get me started onthe weather, its always warm, which adds to the walking factor.
I love that there are so many unique restaurants to hang out at. Piedmont park is a cool park in the middle of the city.
Atlanta is an amazing town with an array of activities. There is a massive push for more professionals to move into the city.
I love this city of Atlanta. It's very diverse. There are many oppurtunities to explore and places to go and visit. Atlanta is known for their music and fashion and just the lifestyle of being in the downtown area.
I have lived in Atlanta my entire nineteen years of living and it is amazing. Atlanta in truly the best city in the United States. We have the famous gilded gold Georgia state capital building, many historical land marking, and perfect filming locations.
Atlanta is a magnificent City to be in when you are a young adult. What makes Atlanta so beautiful is the phenomenal food, the city lights, and the wonderful activities this city has to offer. Some of the activities include live music (bands), painting, and wine tasting events. Also Atlanta has so many educational historic sites. Nonetheless in my opinion the city of Atlanta has the most delicious out of this world food. The main dish is good old fashioned chicken. You can have wings with so many different sauces, you have regular Fried Chicken, as well as grilled chicken if you don't like too many things fried. You can also get other Great Southern dishes. Such as deep fried catfish and peach cobbler just to name a few.
So all-in-all if you're looking for fun and good Southern Hospitality come to Atlanta.
I am glad you ask. What I like/love about Atlanta is the culture, besides the night life and the entertainment you see on t.v. The city is very artistic and from an artist stand point, it is very motivating. I'm am from a small city in Alabama, where opportunity and motivation lacks. Here in Atlanta, you never know who you will meet because of the talent that surrounds you. It is also a great place for entrepreneurship, in other terms, "hustle", in a very positive way. Overall, what made me fall in love with Atlanta, was seeing African Americans who were striving to be someone in life. That meant a lot to me seeing as though that is rare where I come from. The only thing I would change about this city. is a better way for individuals to commute anytime during the day.
I'm currently a resident of North Atlanta, I reside in Gwinnett County situated 30 mins from the city. I love the city and the suburbs, the public schools are great, and Atlanta is known for its diverse and exuberant nightlife. Atlanta is also known for its cost of living and real estate market, many relocate here for its low cost of living and value of property. The diversity is amazing, Atlanta is a melting pot and anyone will notice upon visiting. Safety is conditional upon where you are, like many cities, there is more of a concentration of crime in the inner city and as you move out, it tends to be scattered. Overall, I would seriously recommend Atlanta as a place to live, it is family friendly.
I like Atlanta for it's diversity, not only that but it is a city with a lot of different cultural. There is always activities going on whether that be music concerts, entrepreneur seminars, or college homecomings. I would say the only thing that I would like to see change is the traffic which should be changing with a new fast lane opening up pretty soon.
I learned to patient in everything that I do and time will give me chance and opportunity. I live by clark and morehouse in midtown atlanta and I also have plenty of friends that I went to high school with.
I am born and rise in Atlanta, Georgia. I love the fact that Atlanta is growing and evolving everyday. Atlanta has afforded the opportunity for people to build their dreams and businesses. They also has provide many new and unique restaurants for me, my family and friends to enjoy. Atlanta's population is expanding everyday with people from all over the world. However, there is two things that i would to see changed. First, is the roads in Atlanta, because a lot of the main roads needs repairing. Second, the traffic in Atlanta, during the mornings and Evenings are horrible and would love to see less traffic on the streets and highways.
Compared to where I'm from, Atlanta is much more diverse in terms of food, fashion, and people. I've lived here for about two years now and am still discovering new places with good eats and drinks. I also study Film and am excited to get into the scene here.
My experience in Atlanta has been alright. I like the fact that it has lots of entertainment and activities to participate in. If their is anything i would change it would be the public transportation because it doesn't accommodate the growth of the city.
Atlanta is one of the greatest cities in my opinion. Atlanta is where people of all different cultures and backgrounds can come and prosper and thrive. Change you ask? I don't think I would change a thing about this great city. This is the city of Atlanta home to the dirty birds as well as great music and arts. We may have risen together, but we fell together only to rise once again. Atlanta the greatest city on the planet.
Great city to live in. Atlanta is full of great people with lively personalities. I would recommend anyone looking to live well and comfortable to come to Atlanta. The biggest complaint about the city is even though it is a great place to live, there is an insane amount of traffic here. No matter what time you leave, you can almost always know you will see traffic.
One of the most important things that I like about Atlanta is the diverse choices of food. The dining out choices are vast; from Korean-Mexican fusion to top quality Italian, it is all available in Atlanta.
Atlanta is a big city with a lot of activities to occupy you. Atlanta consists of diverse people with different personalities. Besides the great activites such as the body exhibit, the HBCUs, and the major corporations, Atlanta has a lot of pollution and has a lot of people so the area is crowded.
I have loved living in Atlanta. It is rich in diversity and history, giving the area a vibrant atmosphere that is never boring. From Georgia Tech to Centennial Olympic Park to the Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta is full of entertainment and culture and is sure to be a good time for all who visit.
Atlanta is a melting pot and I know that is cliche to say but it is the truth. It does not matter what you are interested in you can find a crowd that is interested in the same. Either it be the outdoors such as hiking, artsy by going to art museums, or fashion and shopping at some of the prestigious stores such as Phipps Plaza. There are many different areas to live either the suburbs or city life. Family friendly or nightlife. Atlanta also has celebrity sightings as there are many television and movies filmed in Atlanta. I hope I have convinced at least one person to come on down to peach state for a visit as you will not be disappointed.
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