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As a current resident of Atkinson, New Hampshire, I absolutely love this town! It is an incredible town with easy access to Plaistow, New Hampshire which is home to many businesses and stores. There are great recreational sports in Atkinson for all ages, and the community is always welcoming! LOVE IT!
You don't see many bad things happening in the state of New Hampshire and Atkinson is a beautiful small town to raise a family. Everyone is very friendly and quiet in this town. You feel safe and relaxed. Ranking this town to other towns, I feel, would be hard because everyone has their own preference on where they want to live based on temperature and night life but I enjoy New England weather so I think that Atkinson is the perfect town for people that want to experience every season to the fullest. Atkinson is also considered the "greater Boston" area and it's only an hour tops drive so you can still experience night life and other festivities on the weekends. Overall, It's a very peaceful community and I would definitely choose to live here again.
I love living in a small New England town. I love the decent sized house, the big front and backyard, the nature, the suburban lifestyle and fresh air. I like living so close to the local schools and stores as well. I love the quiet of my hometown and the simplicity and poise of it. The only downfalls here would be that unlike many southern small towns, here in the northeast, small towns are not as idealistic like those you may see in the south or on TV, which is fine, except I would prefer maybe a tad bit more friendliness. My neighborhood not many of us care to really know our neighbors well, it could come off as snobby or that we adore our privacy, but I miss the days when I was a kid and so was everyone else that were here and we all had more genuine friendliness ans respect for one another.
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My mother works at the police station one town over, so she's up to date with everything that's going on. There is very little crime and when there is, most of it is little things. I always feel safe when I'm at home and in this town.
While we might not hang out with our neighbors, when people walk, bike, or are on the street, people are very polite. Also, animals are very popular to walk in good weather. Also, the community is very safe and it gives you your privacy.
While the winter can get very heavy snow, there are no major life-altering weather threats. We have a few bad thunderstorms, a handful of snow storms, and maybe one or two blizzards a year. Even though we're near the coast, there has never been any hurricanes or tropical storms while I have lived here.
There are quite a few restaurants from fast food to sit-down places. Although, there are not a lot of exotic or really unique places. I barely go out to eat, but when I do, I like the options I have. I can't accurately review the drink portion of this, because I do not drink.
The overall job outlook in this area is about average. There are not a lot of jobs that would provide a large salary, although this location is an hour away from Boston, so if you're up for the commute, then you can look there.
In this area, you can pretty much get everything you need. There are a variety of stores, from big companies like Home Depot and Kohl's to a used bookstore and consignment shop. The only thing that is missing is a movie theater, but there is one not far away, a town over.
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