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This place sucks. It’s pumped full of teen pregnancy and drugs. I can name 7 drug addicts off the top of my head. The police found heroin needles on a popular lake, a friend’s sister had her apartment broken into, its unsettling easy to steal from stores, and tons of creepy people just walk around all day. Athol is a town not too far from the city that’s mostly drugs and poverty. Take my word for it, you really don’t wanna raise a family here.
As a part time home owner of Athol, it is a great place to raise children. While employment is not very good in the area, just short commutes put you where jobs are. Has a great YMCA, library, eateries, parks and recreation areas, two lakes in town for swimming and many more close by, and is a great place to live.
Athol is a quiet town near Orange. New markets are coming into town, between Gardner and Greenfield. Rents are reasonable. Houses are available.
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Athol is a wonderful rural area, with stunning views and scenary. The, lakes, waterfalls, and mountains are to die for. I love having lakes and mountains just around the corner. Athol is where everyone knows your name. Great place to live.
This is where my families roots have been laid for quite a long time. However, it is sad to see that it is not as developed as it used to be. There is one main factory that is a main source of jobs, that keeps the town a float.
feel somewhat safe. not the best but not the worst
lots of new restaurants and businesses coming
not many to pick from
they are small and expensive could be better
it is available, such as the YMCA but I prefer not to go there.
beautiful homes, just not my preference
I would prefer to live closer to the ocean.
Friendly, helpful people in my experience
There aren't many restaurant options.
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