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Nothing too much to worry about.
Athens has a mixed community, but the environmental part of the area can be very enjoyable!
I am currently a student here in Athens, Ohio. I have also visited family here for my entire life. There are places within the town that have wealth and is in really good condition, i.e. the university. However, outside of Ohio University there is quite a bit of poverty and people unfortunately do not live in the best conditions of its people. Overall, Athens is a beautiful place to live, and I would suggest it.
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This is a college community, so there are many bars. Most of them are reasonably priced and alright to patronize. There are some very unique restaurants, with unique dishes. There are not a lot of "chain" restaurants here or fine dining establishments. You can get a nice meal at a reasonable price.
Athens has very few taxis and they don't work late in the evening. There is a local bus that is adequate and somewhat convenient. There is a "Go Bus", that is used quite frequently by students
There are some very scenic areas in this county. There is some beautiful architecture. There are several student related festivals and events, Overall, the town is beautiful with it's charm.
We have frequent issues with flooding here. Snow storms are also a concern.
This is a college community. If you work for the college, you will make decent money. There is a state mental health facility that is another place for a decent income, the problem is, neither place hires frequently and when they do, the jobs are specialized. There are several other businesses that pay will provide you with a nice income, but you won't have a lavish lifestyle.
There are some great local shops and businesses. There are not a lot of big name stores here. I can get the basics of what I need, however; specialty items I have to drive at least an hour to obtain.
I could live in worse places....but this is still pretty terrible.
There's a lot of crime here and a lot of it goes unnoticed
Ohio weather is day it can be raining, sleeting, sunny, and snowing.
There are a lot of bars on court street that the college kids go to..and a lot of good local places to eat.
most people work at fast food restaurants or bars...unless they work at OU
I love the local businesses in Athens, it's what we're known for
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