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Athen's has always had a great small town feel to it. Although the students try to get community members involved in oportunities such as the local food bank, community members could be much more involved.
I have lived with my family in Athens for 17 years. We have many friends and know all our neighbors. Our schools are excellent and our community is growing. I can’t think of a better place to live!
Small town with great businesses and friendly people. Also bigger cities are not very far away. Springfield, IL is 20 minutes away.
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The crime rate in my small town is very low. Officers are always available.
Athens is more than just a corn field. It is like living in the country with a city atmosphere.
Cops in Athens are quick to respond and always on the lookout in Athens
Driving to Springfield every day really sucks
it's a very small town if you like small town life then it's great. not much to do in town. but very cheap to live here though.
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