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Athens is very peaceful. It's a small town, but still has diversity. Most people are quite nice. There are many health food store options near by. There are always festivals and other free fun activities. It's very family oriented here.
Athens is a great town for those who wish to live financially comfortable while commuting to Decatur, Madison, and Huntsville for work. Athens has a great high school that offers courses that prepare its students for college and jobs after graduation. This town has a nice sports recreation facility and beautiful sports fields that many children and adults utilize year round. The historic downtown area has sites to see and enjoy, like Founder's Hall at Athens State University and the Houston Library.

Athens is a hotspot for travelers driving up and down I-65. It offers several fast-food and dine-in restaurants, as well as, diverse choices in hotels and gas stations.

Athens is also a
Athens is beautiful but could use better restaurants and activities. It is a quiet town, but lacks diversity. The scenery is lovely and the town square is very cute.
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Athens would be a good city to retire in. The town is small, but the people there are friendly. Also the school systems are great!
Great little town full of friendly people. A town rich in history. The job market is depressed due to the economy yet within commuting distance to several larger cities. Many festivals and events throughout the year are available for your family to enjoy.
I love my town of Athens ,Al and everybody is friendly here. I also love the family environment that is shown around the town.
I love this small town full of character! Athens is definitely my favorite town. Our downtown is abundant with charm and sweet shops. And of course, it is ranked as one of the safest cities in Alabama! Our courthouse is so cute and many events take place around!
Awesome city. I have lived here for 8 years. It is growing and the Athens city high school will be moving to a brand new building within a few years.
The housing is very pretty. Lots of space to put things in your backyards or in the front yards.
The community is a great place to live if you want to stay in a small town and it's very peaceful.
We rarely have problems in our neighborhood, so we don't see these things
The experience at this house has been okay. Everyone is very friendly
The police in the city of Athens are great and reliable. I feel safe and protected.
I would love to come back to Athens to raise children after I graduate college and start my career. It's been the best place to go to high school. The community involvement is amazing!
Very outgoing and immersive community
It's a great town with amazing people and opportunities. .
It is a very small town with small town values and has established cliques within the community. If you move in and are not part of a clique, you have a very hard time fitting in. I am an independent, socially minded, free thinker and this town is very conservative and set in its ways. My Father grew up in this town and my Grandparents live here. I love being close to them and am so glad to be close to them, but my values are in conflict with many of my classmates.
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Athens is a small quiet town. The road I live on is quiet and no one bothers anyone.
Athens is a great place to live. It is small knit community, but most importantly it is a safe place to live. I love living here and I would never leave. Athens is my hometown. Our economy is growing and more people are moving into town. I see Athens becoming a sociable place to hang out in the near future.
The weather here is most of the time great. However, when in Winter it can be COLD and in Summer very HOT! Around May thru July you have to be careful for tornadoes and very heavy rain. Also, wind every now and then can become problem and well as dry weather.
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