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Athens is an incredible little city full of amazing locals and students that genuinely care about the town and one another.
Athens a great town. It isn't extremely small however it has a small town feel that is filled with charm and great areas. It's a great town to run and be active in. It also has many unique restaurants that are worth the try.
Athens is diverse and community coop driven. Employment, social, and shopping opportunities exist anywhere you look.
I have lived in Athens my whole life, it is an okay town to live in if you are old and retired. The school system here is good and the teachers are amazing. I really dont care for the UGA students I think they are pretty rude and think that they own Athens.
This is definitely the best college town in America. The restaurants are all so delicious and there is every kind of food you can ever want. It ranges from chains to locals. The nightlife is amazing. There is always something going on! Tons of concerts, bars are easy to get into. It is just all around fun.
Always friendly, great environment for shopping or eating out. Many jobs available in diverse areas.
I like the how diverse the city of Athens is. I like that there is a university that caters to a lot of different interests. I would like to see more well-paying jobs and careers in this area.
I moved to Athens Ga in 2015 on a road to recovery from drugs and alcohol. Since then I have obtained employment and have successfully graduated rehab and living a much healthier life style. Athens Ga will always be special to me considering this is the city where I was able to become clean. I am now a successful important person in society.
Athens is a welcoming college town with a lot of character. The town is college friendly and is centered around UGA. Athens has many excellent restaurants that incorporate food to table products and wonderful atmospheres. There are many classic landmarks in Athens including: the Arch, Botanical Gardens, Georgia Theatre, Farmers Markets and other eclectic places.
Athens is a place with everything in it but it is very poorly built. I would recommend it to a college student, but not to a family or anyone else. I don't even think the professors really live here and that they drive in to teach everyday.
Athens is a great city. The people are friendly and there are many things to do if you are resourceful. During football season, you will really enjoy yourself because the entire town is full of UGA fans. Go Dawgs!
This town is full of amazing people, mostly artists. Singers, dancers, painters, musicians, tradesmen, and an overall great bunch of folks. No good time is too far away! Especially in the Fall, when football season comes around! The town is full of fans. Students and former students all come out and support their team until the end. This town is great, no matter what part of it you live in.
Athens is an awesome college town, and is a good place to go to find yourself. It is challenging, fun, exciting, and fast-paced. There's always something to do.
I lived in Athens for about 13 years now. It is a small town. Everything is close to each other. Like markets, shopping stores, restaurants, hospitals, etc. It is pretty calm. Athens isn't the city. It is more country. One thing that I would like Athens to change is more places to go to. More adventure.
Athens is a great place to live!! Cost of living is low, has a great college town feel. Downtown is amazing especially when there are events going on during the night. I've lived here all my life and I'm going to miss it when I go off to college ,but my parent live here so I will still get to enjoy the food and people when I come home. Goo Dawgs!!!
Athens is a fun place for college students, there are many different coffee shops and other night time activity. University of Ga is in Athens so making it a very active place for young people. Running stores and health food store are very common and it is a great place to walk around during the day with your family. Overall Athens is a nice place to raise a family and get a job, maybe with a family don't move very close to downtown.
Athens is a beautiful college town, situated among rolling hills and forests. It's a quirky place, a blue spot in a red state and in the city itself there is a clear divide between who's who and yet everyone seems to get along. I've loved its late-night music scene, its theater, the university arts programs and it's cultural output from both the town and the university is huge. The housing here runs the spectrum from stunning old Georgian mansions to dirt cheap cement huts, usually not more than a 5 minute walk from each other. It's progressive and a bit rich with a correspondingly high number of homeless and derelict folks. Most good work is found with the University, which is huge and highly ranked nationally. Other work is harder to find than in other places except for the service industry, which is a big deal here. The people are generally very friendly and talkative.
Tons of activities to take part in. Often holds parades downtown. Most everything is walking distance downtown.
I moved to Athens in 2015 and fell in love instantly! There is always something going on around town. Downsides are housing and apartments are too expensive. There are not many choices to choose from when it comes to apartment living.
Because Athens is a small college town centered around the University of Georgia, it has a large working poor community and affordable housing is almost nonexistent.
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