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I love Athens ga because my family is here. We are a close community and its very quite . The things I would change is more activity for the youth.
Athens is a wonderful town to find unique experiences without breaking the bank to live there. The town is very diverse due to having the University of Georgia and has a wide array of entertainment and dining. It is a town that I plan to raise a family in due to it's greatness.
Athens has a great variety of opportunities for students and job seekers. The university is always expanding the hospital and doctor offices are always looking for graduates to take on and help them jump start their careers. If you ate into real estate or construction the opportunities are endless, Athens is growing daily.
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I love UGA's campus and its environment. The school and its student body life is just amazing. There are a lot of ways to enjoy and have a good experience for 4 years.
This place is perfect for walking around in small city with limited distractions. The university, public schools, and restaurants are all walking distance from any location where you get a workout while enjoying different sites.
It's a great college town with lots to do and see. Athens is home to the University of Georgia, home of the Georgia Bulldogs and provide lots of fun and exciting sporting events. During Football season, the entire city is excited and rallies around Georgia Football. There many options, festivals, and events for friends and families alike.
The downtown scene during the day time is a great blend of local music and art. The scene slightly changes at night as college students enjoy the nightlife from bar hopping to enjoying a great venue of local bands at the Georgia Theater.
I was born and raised in Athens. It has grown a great deal. However, the job market isn't plentiful. Mostly slightly above minimum wage employment. To obtain decent pay you will have to travel abroad.
I love living close to Athens. There is so much to do and see. Great places to eat and shop. Great schools.
Athens is my hometown. I was born and raised in Athens, as well as attended college at the University of Georgia. I was a resident of Athens for more than 23 years. It will always hold a special place in my heart and I know I can always return home and feel comfortable and safe. It is great for families and young adults attending college.
Athens always has alot going on. They have events for the community and lots of places to take your family and enjoy your weekend. Athens is pretty busy so traffic is medium.
Nice college town. Lots of fun stuff to do. Wish the east side was more developed but overall pretty nice. Jobs can be hard at times to get. Football shuts down the entire town.
I have been living in/near Athens for 8 years now. If you like the "college scene" it's a great place to be. Lots of concerts and bars and the college football scene is like a cult.
The best college town in the south. A variety of food and drink spots. Numerous venues for special occasions. Kid friendly. Beautiful town, scenery, and plenty of things to do.
I love Athens, GA. The culture of the town is so fun and the mix of students and residents ensure there is always something fun going on.
I love Athens ga , because its my home town! its the place ever one would love to be..... School here are grant , people are loving and its just the place to overall experience is the best! Its place call home.
Athens is good for college students. There's a lot to do downtown and many all inclusive housing opportunities. At one time I would suggest it for young families, but the college has taken over which makes enjoying downtown and finding housing difficult.
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It's a nice area to live in. Towards night time, if you are a female, you may want to have a buddy to walk around with if you are not in the university area. There are different sides to Athens and one is completely different from the other, so just be careful. There is a lot of food places to try out and downtown Athens is very nice. There are countless bars and nightclubs. There is a 24/7 grill that is open and a couple of Waffle Houses too.
Athens really is the Classic City. There's something for everyone here. It's got the big city resources with the small town vibe. Downtown is filled with hidden treasures, and the outskirts have amazing biking and hiking trails. Whether you're a party girl, or one who'd rather spend a night under the stars, Athens is the place for you.
Athens is such an amazing college town. There is always something going on that students can get involved in, whether it is trying a new place to eat, concerts, shopping, or volunteering. I highly recommend the area. But if you are not a college student it might not be somewhere to live.
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