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Athens is a beautiful college town. it has so much old history. the people are always friendly. the food that they serve in the restaurants are amazing. when you go downtown never expect a dull trip. so much excitement. downtown will differently put a smile on your face rather you are there for a day trip,weekend, or football game. my favorite thing about Athens is the volcanic gardens. during the spring all the flowers are bloomed and sometimes you may spot a bride taking photos there. Athens is filled with love laughter and a good time.
Great small town with a big city feeling! Lots of cute shops, bars, coffee shops, and excellent dining options.
Athens is by far one of the greatest cute counties that makes me blush. From their beautiful sceneries to their quiet little towns, Athens has a unique mixure of the country and the city all in one. The air with its tone fill citizens with a scent of home sweet home.
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Athens, Ga is a interesting college town. There are always fun events happening around town for all ages. It is a bicycle friendly town and not counting games days traffic usually is non existent. The nightlife is very eventful with lots of concert venues, bars, and restaurants. Real Estate prices vary depending on the neighborhoods and range widely from million dollar homes in 5 points to 100k on the east side. Shopping is not the best compared to other counties the mall has lots a few of its flagship stores but there are several boutiques down town. There are not a significant amount of high paying jobs and a lot of people commute to the larger surrounding counties.
Variety and diversity of the city. Lots of different people and lots of things to do and eat. Not to mention it is the home of the Georgia Bulldogs!
I love Athens. This town has saved my life. I moved here to get my life together after battling for years with alcoholism. It was in this town that I found a recovery community large and diverse to help me on this ongoing journey.
Athens is an interesting little town. It's known for being a college town to UGA. It's a great town for that, especially if you have a good network of friends. After a few years, however, the small town gets old. There are a pretty good amount of things to do despite its size, ranging from great food (one of the best parts), college sports, a small but active music scene, and a variety of town events. However, once you find the things you like to do, and live here doing those things for a few years, it gets old quickly. Many get stuck living here because it's incredibly cheap to live here - which is another one of the best parts about this place. Post-primary school options are pretty good, considering UGA being here, as well as Athens Technical College, which is where I attend now. Great town to stay in and raise a family if you can remain content with the small-town vibe.
Athens is a great place to live or just visit for anyone! So much to do for all ages. There are a lot of opportunities that you don't get in surrounding areas.
Great university city. There is a lot to do and many academic resources. The sidewalks are great for running. There are lots of healthy eating options.
No place in the world is like Athens. I has something for everyone. Art, music, food, sports. You name it! It's family friendly and a great place to raise kids.
My experience with Athens is as a student at the University of Georgia. Athens is a very student-friendly area, as well as a family-friendly area. What I've seen of the public schools gives me the impression that they are very good. The campus transportation system is excellent, and the buses run frequently and on time. There is also a public transportation system off campus, which, in my experience, is less reliable, so getting around beyond the campus/downtown area without a vehicle can be difficult. For recreation, there are many restaurants and bars, as well as movie theaters, parks, biking and walking trails, the Bear Hollow Zoo, and much more.
Welcome to Athens! Here, the first thing you will notice is the intense passion for the Georgia Bulldogs. If you enjoy college football, you will fit right in! We are also well-known for our thriving music scene where legendary bands including REM and the B-52's were born. Feel free to take a stroll through the scenic 313 acre State Botanical Gardens. Athens also offers a lively night-life with an endless supply of clubs, bars, coffee shops, and art festivals scattered about the city.

The only down-side to Athens is the cost of living which is a little more on the pricey side. Luckily, there are job opportunities around every corner due to the city's growing population.

Come and see for yourself what Athens has to offer! I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Athens is an amazing town with so many different restaurants, shops, and things to do! It is a great place to live!
Athens is the ultimate collegetown. So much good food, music, and culture. Football weekends are the best in Athens, but other sporting events bring out a lot of UGA spirit and are always good. The Botanical Gardens are beautiful as well as much of UGA's campus. And if you're over 21, there's over 80 bars downtown that you can choose from!
Athens is a very diverse city. The college here brings in people from all over the world. Downtown Athens is great for exploring new places and offers a range of nightlife activities from dancing, to karaoke, to a wide variety of foods. It is a great place to meet new and exciting people. Traffic is the only thing I would like to see improve, however, it is a busy bustling city so it is to be expected.
Athens is great town that is full of wonderful people. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. I love Athens so far.
I like that everything is together so you don't necessarily have to drive very long to get to something. The down fall would have to be the traffic, especially during football season. Also, every where you it seems like construction of some sort is going on, which does not help with traffic either.
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Athens is a really good place to live it's just some of the people down here are mean and violent it makes you want to leave, but it all depends on how you were raised. When I was coming up I never thought this small town was that small until I was practically cousins with almost everybody lol. But it's a good place to live it's just the people nowadays with no home training or either cold hearts
The best city for a family and college students. I love living here and moving here was the best decision I ever made!
A great college town with a lot of fun activities, whether you go downtown or to campus. UGA is a great school also, and the town in transformed during football season.
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