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Being a person of color and LGBTQIA identified it is not very safe in Athens, Ohio. Ohio University Campus says it is safe here, but they never talk about all the hate crimes that happens.
During my first visit to the small town of Athens, Ohio, I had fallen in love with it. The hills that surround it and the beautiful green environment that can be seen from all parts of town had me in awe. I often find myself walking around the Athens campus of Ohio University and saying to myself, "My campus is beautiful". Aside from the environment, the people of Athens are kind and respectful of each other. They are truly accepting of everyone and are willing to help strangers when necessary. I constantly think about how I made the best decision moving to this quaint, little town; the fascinating history, the welcoming farmers markets, and the smiles and "hellos" you encounter by just walking down the street are just a few of the things that make me love Athens, Ohio.
I love Athens, Ohio because of its small town feel. It also has Ohio University located here where many larger city attractions are offered. The city is a safe place to raise kids and where one does not have to worry much about crime and violence. The two things I would like to see changed here are: 1) having a better selection of restaurants and shopping establishments brought in to alleviate the “out of town” fix that is periodically needed to satisfy these needs or urges; and 2) improving and adding to the existing minimally satisfying medical services available.
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Athens is very much a college town. Ohio University holds Athens together and brings new students every year keeping the town young and trendy! Being a student in Athens was such a great experience! Along with all the University held events, there are also community festivals and events that are appealing to the young population as well. Located in Appalachia, there are many fun hiking and biking trails, in addition to a state park with a beach area that is fun for all ages! Athens is such a wonderful community!
Athens is a great small college town in Southeast Ohio. With Ohio University located within the city there is huge diversity within the cultural. It is a great place to raise kids with great school districts. It is a tight knit community with a flavor for the arts.
Living in athens has been a great experience. There are many elementary schools to attend on the different sides of the town. A certain elementary school stands out when it comes to cultural diversity. There is also an university near us that is very diverse so living in Athens teaches you a lot about the different cultures. Due to Athens being a college town and the university being a big party school i would not consider that side of town family friendly just because of the adult activities that occur when up town. However, when not uptown it is a little more family friendly. I personally loved living in Athens because of the diversity, it has taught me to be accepting and treat people the same throughout.
Athens is one of my favorite places I have ever lived! Not only is it beautiful, the locals are awesome!
Athens, Ohio is an incredibly unique place to reside. It is a small town with a large college nestled right in the middle. The nightlife is like no other small town. The locals are very supportive of each other and it has a very family friendly atmosphere. Visitors always feel welcomed. However, the job market is terrible unless you are blessed to have a job within the University. It has always been, and remains a very safe environment for families to raise their children. It seems that many students enjoy the small town so much that they never leave!
I believe that there are issues that could be paid more attention (like how our law enforcement handles sexual assault, etc.) but overall it is okay.
I really enjoy living here as a college student. I like the atmosphere and the night life. There are obviously tons and tons of people living here that are my own age. After I graduate I will likely never live here or anywhere similar to Athens ever again.
As I have been here at Ohio the crime rate has surprised me in a vey bad way. From the start we were getting emails about new and previous sex offenders. Some of these people who have been accused of this kind of crime are still lingering around the area and have yet to be caught. This concerns me and my family as I walk home from night classes and other events that I have to attend through out the year.
Athens, Ohio is a very small college town. Outside of the University there is not many options on places to go or things to see. Without Ohio University, Athens would be nothing. Coming from a religious background it is hard to find activities to do here on the weekends because of the night light here. If you are not apart of the drinking and partying community you are left with a very slim list of choices of things to do. The education environment outside of the University is very run down. The local schools are not in the best shape and don't look to have a very good supply of resources.
Over priced housing and the places to live aren't great
Much safer than a big city
Typical college town, not much to do
Has been better, now with the sexual assaults happening here, the rating has to be bad.
The Athens County and Ohio University police
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The student houses in Athens are all very old and not in great shape. A lot of rental companies do the minimum to maintain a nice property and are rude to tenants.
For the most part, during the school year people are very friendly and willing to help one another.
I think this area is a great fit for me. All of the necessities are here. Most people are friendly and willing to help and the terrain is beautiful.
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