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I love conservative Atascadero. I would like to see expansion in available markets in the town, but I do believe this will occur naturally over time.
It's very quiet and very close to towns with loads of activity if we ever wanted to go out and do something. We are surrounded by wineries, craft beer breweries, performance venues, art galleries, etc. It's a quiet little town with great access to not-so-quiet little towns.
The town Is great if your retired, due to high cost of housing and little to no job opportunities. I have lived here for over 20 years and going to school is the only way to succeed. When I finish school I plan on staying here to raise a family, the schools, safety, family fun and friendliness of the town is great, the negatives like I stated above are little job offers, high cost of housing, since it is a town there is little to no night life. The entire town is asleep but 9:00pm but this also makes the town a very safe place to live and retire.
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Atascadero is a small town. You run into people you know when you go into town. the community comes together when people are in need.
I was raised in Atascadero and I have lived here for most of my life. I think it is a peaceful and generally safe place to live. There is no major crime, as far as I can tell. Once my family's car was left running in the movie theater parking lot and it wasn't stolen. The town is clean and fairly safe to walk around. The air is fresh. Also, there are several high-quality restaurants.

However, the school system has something to be desired. The administration is difficult to deal with and funding is a major issue for many school organizations.
Atascadero is a great centrally located little town. It is a great place to raise a family but not somewhere a single person or a person who loves a lot of activity or nightlife would enjoy.
Beautiful landscape, more affordable than San Luis Obispo, convenient drive-thrus and grocery stores/gas stations. Many playgrounds and parks.
Atascadero is becoming more of a bedroom community to the happiest city in America. With an easy and beautiful commute on "the Grade" people who chose to live in the much more affordable town of Atascadero can be in SLO in just minutes, to the beach in 30 minutes and to wine country in 20 minutes. These drive times are important because the town offers little else than affordable living, thrift stores, and outdated strip mall.
It would be nice if the downtown was more inviting and if we had more healthy food options. Everything is really spread out and there is no night life. A cow town with california spunk.
I find the police to be very responsive and visible. The Police station is half a mile from my house. I feel they patrol in the areas that need them most and I see their presence.
The City Government needs new and fresh ideas to help our City grown and adapt to trends that will draw visitors and new residents,
We live in a safe community where most people know each other.
Living in SLO county or more specifically Atascadero is amazing. Everything about this area in CA is truly incredible. The weather is always nice, you are located close enough to a big city but still far enough away, you are close to the beach, lake, or even mountains.
Very little crime in the neighborhood
I live here because my parents live here
I love Atascadero. Great place to raise kids. Lots of community activities. Great youth sports. Wonderful high school community. Neighbor helping neighbor is common
I live in a small town. Most people never leave and if they do they never look back. Jobs are decreasing and every time I come home for college more stores have closed. Its a dying town.
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Traditional; they have a few nice areas where you can eat. But overall i believe its just normal as any other small town. They do have a traditional burger place in down which is nice; but besides that everything else is normal a fast food restaurant close a Dennys and many more.
The wether is Ok. We live close to the beach so sometimes it can get very cold and also sometimes it can get very hot. I personally do not like the heat I prefer the cold weather. It is alright there are a lot of trees near by so it makes it much more easier to tolerate such things.
Its great. I have often seen police cars just checking to see if everything is alright. Most of the times police cops pass through the apartments just to make sure everything is Ok. I haven't had any problem with anything really. It has been very calm and safe.
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