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Slowly becoming dirty. It used to be a very nice place and beautiful all over. Now its has a pawn shop, dollar store, and smoke shop. It used to be the nicer of the towns.
We love the Penn-Delco school district, the 4 Elementary Schools, the Middle School and the High School.
Its a family friendly neighborhood and everyone is accepted for who they are. Its a safe place to live and there is not much night life that goes on but it is still a fun town to see and walk around. Everything is close and the cost of living is reasonable.
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Aston has a great public school system as well as many private schools in the area. There is a great community and it is a very family-friendly place. The city of Philadelphia is right nearby, and it is an awesome town!
Its a place i have grown to appreciate over the years. it provides a sub-urban type of residence with almost all essential facilities within a 10-15 min drive. It is amazingly diverse and has a well performing school district that i attended. All in all, its a perfectly situated living area most so for a growing familly.
I've never encountered a problem in this area.
I see many updates to the community in the future.
I do not hear much about any crime that goes on around here. It seems to be taken care of pretty well.
Much new construction. Few vacant properties, but finding an available unit is not a problem.
Most people keep to themselves. Some call police instead of a personal visit and discussion.
low crime rate. Good sized police force. Neighboring towns with undesirable elements are well separated from the area.
Area was very rural. This is changing due to overdevelopment. Due to a low crime rate and a decent school district desire to live in this area has swelled in the last 20 years. Many new dwellings of different varieties have been constructed leading to an influx of higher income bracket residents. Personally, I miss the sparse population of the rural community. I am looking to move to a more rural area, but if you like the more suburban, upper middle class setting, you might find this to be a desirable area in which to live.
I grew up in a small town that is generally very peaceful and quiet. It is the ideal place to raise your kids, with a mall and a movie theater about twenty minutes away and restaurants dotted throughout the area. I could not imagine growing up in a different place, nor would I want to. I think that my town will continue to flourish in the future, as there is a university there and it is right outside of a very historical part of Philadelphia. The people are also very nice and welcoming, and the school district is much better then some of it's surrounding competitors.
I currently live with my parents but I would not change where I grew up if I had the choice. The area I live in is very safe and there is rarely any big crimes. When I move out I do not plan on going too far. My neighbors are okay. Some are nice but others are not but that is anywhere you live. I do wish there was more to do in the area. I spent my childhood and my teen years here and we would have to take at least a 20 minute drive to go somewhere fun. That is the same for dating. Besides the mall that just closed, the lame movie theater that no one attends anymore, and the skating rink that just closed there was not much to do on a date unless we wanted to drive a far distance. That was also a big problem before we had driver's licenses and cars. Having our parents drive us so far to come back and get us was a hassle. Sadly all the major attractions (such as the mall and movie skating rink) are closed. There is slowly becoming less and less to do around here. Hopefully new things start opening in the area to give the next generation some fun.
Many fast food options but overall the people seem healthy and there are options for healthy food out there. Drug and alcohol use are average
Not too many problems here.
Whether does change but the weather is average and in an area where natural disasters are rare to non existent
Review Aston Township
Not many places for night life unless it is for food.
There are not many places around that you can make really decent money at. You really need a degree of some sort for that. A lot of the places around are drug stores, fast food, and grocery stores. Geared more towards the student population.
I can get everything I need in this area. The mall recently closed so the shopping aspects are at a low now but otherwise good.
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