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Aspen is a great place to live- tons of outdoor activates and a social scene that revolves around what you can do outside. One major downside is that it's expensive to live here and its hard to leave if you find yourself getting cabin fever.
Aspen get's a bad reputation for being a town that exclusively houses the super rich and pompous. Many non-local, non-tourists only associate the town with skiing and mansions. Although those things do exist in Aspen there is a vast culture that locals have created over the years that make Aspen a truly spectacular place. Yes, there are affordable resturants such as The Big Wrap and Rhino's which despite being tucked away from the main streets have some truly spectacular food. The summer brings a host of activities, such as hiking, biking, swimming, and all the other outdoorsy activities that we are so fond of. And despite being a small town, there are many events that bring a rich culutral oppurtunity such as the Film Fest, Aspen Music Festival and the Aspen Ideas Festival. Aspen is a beautiful place full of interesting people and traditions and I am so lucky to have lived there.
I loved growing up in Aspen, skiing,hiking,camping,fishing,climbing and amazing mountain biking right outside my backdoor. Aspen is very safe and very easy to get around with bike paths and free buses everywhere. Aspen has so many facilities including art and music schools
One drawback with Aspen is, there is very little to do in Aspen for teenagers after dark.
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Aspen is over sold.It is far too busy in summer and mid winter ,it has lost its charm.
compare to big cities, this is a safe place to live
I would not think of moving anywhere else
I have never once felt unsafe here in my home town. I can walk around late at night and not worry at all.
Aspen is a small town in the heart of the rocky mountains. It is an amazing ski town and many people come to visit it every year. The tourists can get annoying but there is no place better in the world to live.
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