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68 reviews
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There are a good amount of crimes that happen around the area however the police are quick to respond and make sure everyone is safe.
I wish the area I live in was a little bit more diverse. It's kind of hard to communicate with majority of my neighbors because they don't speak English and majority of them are from the same race. However, there are very sweet and friendly people. I also love how there is a walking distance shopping center here which is very convenient for people who don't have cars.
There have been a few crimes here and there. Especially further down the Aspen Hill area where recently there was just a shooting. But in this neighborhood I feel safe.
This area is okay. It is very quiet and I feel safe for the majority expect when there are random cars near my house.
Nothing bad ever happens, it is a safe enviroment
It's just that more of the old neighbors moving out and then new people coming as long with more breaking ins
Crime is rare in this area you don't much hear about crime in this area.
This area is always quiet the neighbors are respectful and very helpful.I would most definitely chose to live here again because its so beautiful a lot of dogs around which I think is really nice.
Its very crime free, police are visible and very responsive
Its a crime free area, btu also expensive because its very close to DC
This area is very safe. If there is ever a problem where the police are needed, they are very responsive and attentive.
My area is serene and residential. There aren't any violent outbreaks within the neighbors or bystanders. There is a good amount of schools for all the kids. There is also a wide variety of shopping centers for any need that I may have.
It could improve between neighbors. Too many clicks
This neighborhood is very safe. There is a police officer living across the street from me so I do not feel in any danger if something were to occur. I feel as though there is little crime activity in this area.
I would live here forever if I could. Sometimes this area can be too quiet, but the loudest it gets is kids playing on the playground located in the two schools nearby. When I walk my dog, I can sometimes see kids and their school sport teams having games in the big field. I love feeling like everyone in the neighborhood is friendly and always get a smile and a wave as I walk by. They love petting my dog and engaging in small talk with me.
This area is suburban, but very near the city. There's a lot to do, and Washington D.C. Very nearby as well. This area is developing rapidly, so I can see the cost of living increasing over the years, higher than it already is in Montgomery county.
Being close to DC has many advantages, there is a lot to do and see. I like the suburban atmosphere, and there is new development constantly.
No push to be challenged or succeed.
I just moved around here, I cant really say I know much about the place.
The general atmosphere is pretty good. The rent isn't so high. The complex is big with a park and pool and rental office. There's shopping centers down the street with lots of transportation like the bus and train station close by.
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