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Living in Ashwaubenon has been a great experience for me. I have never lived in the city before and everyone has been very friendly and helpful. My neighbors are wonderful. We all enjoy our privacy but get together for drinks and a fire occasionally. It would be nice to be able to put our garbage bins in front of our houses in the winter time so we do not have to shovel across the lawn in order to get the bins to the driveway for collection.
Great community that has a lot to offer. Everyone in the community is very nice and respectful, and me and my siblings have had an amazing childhood here.
The neighborhood is calm and peaceful. Nice amount of trees and such in a suburban neighborhood. I really like how close it is to downtown depere, the mall, the highway, and anything else I could want. It's a great area to live.
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The houses have a huge variety but are affordable.
It would be hard to find a better area with the number of friendly people.
I feel as safe living here as I did on a base.
There is nowhere else I'd rather live.
The police are at my apartment building often for calls on other people and I have seen them camped out in the parking lot for almost all night a couple times. Makes me nervous about the kind of people that live around me.
The apartments I live in are alright because the area is close to what I need to get to everyday but the people around here aren't the best.
There are mostly chain restaurants that get boring after a while. I wish there were more ethnic foods as well as locally owned places.
Depending on the field, the job market can be pretty difficult.
I think the public services could be better, but I am not involved with politics.
It can be great depending on what area you are in. There are some very expensive, well-maintained houses, but there is also plain and shabby houses.
Weather is nice because we have all 4 seasons. Not many natural disasters here...we are fortunate. Not much flooding or tornadoes; no hurricanes. Must have shorts, sun tops for summer to winter coats and boats for winter and everything in between!
Green Bay Packers, Packers Hall of Fame, Bay Beach Amusement Park & Wildlife Sanctuary, NEW Zoo & Reforestation Camp, The Resch Center, Cornerstone Community Center, St. Norbert College, UW Green Bay
Nice restaurants but bigger cities have a far more wide variety.
Quite a wide variety of industry here....factories, government, hospitals, schools, private businesses, retail, etc. There are plenty of jobs; maybe not a desired salary but for the most part it is economical to live here.
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Quality homes here; nice lots; still lots to be built on.
We do have paths for biking & walking trails. Many parks in the area but could be nicer.
It's fine. Need to travel down I-43 or Hwy. 41 to get to Milwaukee to get to a major airport. We do have Austin Straubel Airport that has flights out of the Green Bay area. Parking good; pedestrian/bicycle paths
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