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I was introduced to Ashville, Ohio by the Local Metropolitan Housing Authority.

I had applied for a HUD- Housing Voucher Program and was on a waiting list for 3 consecutive years. I was very thankful at the time to be admitted in the program. I had good credit and at the time was working and living in a apartment community that did not offer housing assistance.

Unfortunately I did lose my job and was planning on returning to college. Due to these incidents it was difficult for me to keep paying rent. In the early spring of 2015 I got a phone call from the Local Housing Authority, the representative stated my name came up on the waiting list and I am eligible for the Housing Voucher.

The Housing Authority stated that they had a vacancy in Ashville. So I looked at the apartment and decided to move in .

Many people do not know much about the community or how to drive to the community. It has american flags in the Village and has a little rustic charm.
Overall Ashville is a very nice place with a close-knit community. Holidays are celebrated within the community which makes it feel straight out of a Hallmark movie. Although in town Ashville could use some help. There are run down small businesses that never succeed and drug addicts in the cheap run-down apartments that used to be part of a church.
The reason I rate Ashville two stars is because there are quite a bit of drug addicts and it is not very clean. The only good part about Ashville is the school district.
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Ashville is a tiny little town. It is not diverse at all and has a high population of impoverished families and drug users. In fact, the population of drug users is so high that in most restaurants and stores you have to ask for the key to use the bathroom.
Amazing small town feel. Nice area with restaurants and stores, nice people. Has a small problem with poverty.
I like the small town feel because everything is conveniently close together but there is not much diversity in the town nor is there much acceptance for other cultures or identities besides straight white people. Overall though, there is not much crime or violence and it is a relatively calm, quiet place to live.
Small town living, taxes and water bill is a little on the pricey side. The town does have great events throughout the year for children.
I like Ashville, very safe and child safe. Neighbors are nice and a pleasent and quiet town. I wouldn't change a thing! :)
I don't think there is any sense of dangerous crime, it's a pretty safe area to live and you don't feel afraid in this area.
I think this is a great area to raise a family and they have a great school system.
The area of Ashville is a nice small hometown, where you see everyone that you know and know everyone that you see! It is a nice growing scenery with a constant hometown feel.
Very few restaurants which are not fast food, and they are only decent.
The only places hiring around here are fast food joints and warehouses 10 to 15 miles away.
The most frequented retail/grocery stores are Dollar General and IGA. Gas stations and fast food dominate.
Just the occasional drug bust
The roads aren't too crowded so they're pretty safe
Mostly kind people but still have older views
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Baseballs Dairy Diamond is where it's at!
More mom and pops little shops but they're great!
Very typical suburbia, some country, some less.
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