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13 reviews
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I like Ashville, very safe and child safe. Neighbors are nice and a pleasent and quiet town. I wouldn't change a thing! :)
I don't think there is any sense of dangerous crime, it's a pretty safe area to live and you don't feel afraid in this area.
I think this is a great area to raise a family and they have a great school system.
The area of Ashville is a nice small hometown, where you see everyone that you know and know everyone that you see! It is a nice growing scenery with a constant hometown feel.
Very few restaurants which are not fast food, and they are only decent.
The only places hiring around here are fast food joints and warehouses 10 to 15 miles away.
The most frequented retail/grocery stores are Dollar General and IGA. Gas stations and fast food dominate.
Just the occasional drug bust
The roads aren't too crowded so they're pretty safe
Mostly kind people but still have older views
Baseballs Dairy Diamond is where it's at!
More mom and pops little shops but they're great!
Very typical suburbia, some country, some less.
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