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What I would like to see change in ashtabula most would have to be the economy. Other than fast food and cell phone stores there are not many job opportunities. The second thing I
Would like to see change about Ashtabula would be the drug problem. It is getting
Out of hand. The police are trying to get a hold on it, but the problem is very serious.
I moved to Ashtabula in April 2016. What used to be a prosperous town surrounded by railroads and fishing has now become a sad desolate drug infested town. Where many people came to work here and create a better life for themselves have now had to move because the economic market had died off and people now struggle to find any forms of employment. Every day there are counts of how many people have been sent to the hospital or died due to an over dose. What I would like to see change is the community both government, commercial and the local citizens rally together, end the poverty, rid the dangerous drugs, create a self sustaining community for those that are homeless. Require for those patients that have been blessed to survive an over dose to stay in rehab. Make them better, help them find a job and create some movement to effect change and create a better economy here.
Ashtabula is a beautiful town especially in the fall when the leaves are changing colors. With this being said, the nightlife has a lot to be desired. Not many things, if any, are open late at night and because of this you have to travel to go out. There use to be a lot of jobs available here in Ashtabula but sadly now there is not. If local investors could invest in new shops and business it would created jobs and we would have better job opportunities which would increase the real estate market. I would love to one day see some of these changes implemented into my hometown so it can be a better place.
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Ashtabula Ohio is dying most of the factory have moved out of the area need to bring in more opportunities. The drug problom have increase the Area needs more drug type program that is what I like to get started in the area main reason I went back to school.
Housing is fairly inexpensive and properties are kept up to minimal standards. Electric would be the only bad utility as it is fairly expensive.
The people in this community mostly stay to themselves. Although if needed or asked for help most people are willing to do so. Most rental properties are not pet friendly.
There is a lot of drug activity and break ins. There is also an increase of violent crime occurring.
It is a decent area to live it. Although it would be nice to have more stores and restaurants to choose from. There also needs to be more decent paying jobs.
The cost of living in Ashtabula is very efficient. The quality of the houses aren't too great.
Individuals have a tendency to live in this area for quite some time. Every city has there good aspects and bad aspects. It's truly just what you make of the situation.
The police officers around Ashtabula are very responsive.
My overall experience in this town is okay. The atmosphere is easy-going and individuals like to keep to themselves. Everyone knows just about everyone here
No bars for teenagers, all in bad condition.
Mostly just fast food jobs, unless you have a family business.
Limited options, average food chains and no retail.
Depending on the field that you are working in... most jobs are simply just not there. The best ones are filled with lifetime employees. Some jobs - like my own actually pay quite well. Other jobs pay terribly.
There is a biking trail for leisure walking and riding. But most area attractions and stores are within easy driving distance from anywhere in town.
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The area has really made an attempt to start revitalizing Ashtabula. In the warmer months, you are sure to find rib cook-offs, lots of 5k races, the Multicultural festival and other events going on.
People who live in Ashtabula tend to stay here even if they complain about it. There are two outlooks on it... Trashtabula and Ashtabeautiful. Both are true is you look at it realistically. It has run down areas, litter, empty buildings... but it also has gorgeous, well kept areas, is located right by lake erie, is a 30 minute drive from anything you need and experiences all four seasons. (Even if winter can be rough.) The fact is that it's just like any location and has its pluses and minuses.
The public services in my community can sometimes be a hassle. They could improve on time management.
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