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The new construction here to build the new apartments is amazing. the new buildings are going to bring such new life to this city.
Quiet town. Very family friendly. Have nice play grounds with family activities. Such as movie night and concerts.
Ashland is great because of its close proximity to public transportation and it is in a relatively safe area. I have lived here all my life and have not had too much to complain about. Good school system and very family friendly area.
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Ashland is a small suburb next to a large town called framingham. There is not much nightlife within the town. The town also lacks much diversity. The high-school was newly built but does not have too much to offer for sports.
Ashland is a quaint town surrounding Boston. It is family friendly and is close to all major shopping areas. Ashland is a quiet town, which is nice, but also a bit boring for young adults. It would be nice to see some new restaurants or bars in Ashland.
Very nice colonial homes in richer neighborhoods. But there is still lower priced housing and apartments available.
Ashland is very friendly, neighbors often help each other out. The area can be pretty boring sometimes but there are usually events going on for the community to participate in. It's a small town so be careful with gossip.
Police and first responders are generally very visible and there's a low crime rate. I've never felt unsafe.
Great place to grow up. The school system is good and there are lots of activities for kids and parents alike. It is very typical of middle class suburbia and the center of town is often deserted but the residential areas are great. Ashland seems to continue growing and improving.
Police force is seen almost everywhere and respond very quickly. The only improvement could be in the roads and sidewalks, which are very rigid and need desperate re-paving.
Ashland is very small. Sometimes this is a downside as you know everyone. But, there are many new small businesses that add great value and variety to the town.
I have had an overall good experience in Ashland MA. I moved here during my sophomore year of high school and I was not excited. But I entered sports at the high school and got to know different people. Slowly the area grew on me and now I enjoy the school, the people, and the town. While it is far from the excitement of Boston, the surrounding area has many things to offer. One could go to the mall or to a farm and ride horses. Ashland, though small, is the perfect place for a family to grow.
There are a lot of healthy foods to choose from as well as gyms to sign up for.
It is New England. Mother nature has a funny way with things.
As I said about the businesses, there are not many to choose from which leaves the job oppurtunity slim as well.
people are friendly there is access to local shopping
From my own experience fire/ambulance are quick to respond.
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Majority of people tend to stay until there children have graduated from High School.

I have seen many people with pets.
People do have places to go for exercise,but don't utilize them.
There are buses that will pick up pedestrians and bring them to there destination.

Majority of people ignore the crosswalk light.
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