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I do not have any concerns for my safety.
It is what it is and it's a small town. Living here means you like the peace and quiet. People are friendly but everyone knows everyone. There are several good hiking trails nearby. Restaurants and shopping are 45 minutes away. Traffic is never a problem. I moved here due to a first job out of college. I am leaving because I am still in my 20's and want to live near people my age. I am also going back to school. I do not see myself moving back as I do not have family in the area.
There are not many jobs available in this area. You normally have to go out of this area to find a good paying job.
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I shop at the Dollar General a lot. It's close and easy to get to. I also shop at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store, but only for a couple of things. They are too expensive. The gas stations are clean and friendly. We also have a pizza place, and a café, and a Mexican restaurant. There is also a drug store, lawyers office, a small clothing store. Two hardware stores, Napa, art building they also put plays on there. Small library, McDonalds, hospital and nursing home. Sheriffs department and police station. Nice park and baseball field. One new, very big school.
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