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Small town, fairly quiet, near the river, good place to retire. Few good restaurants, only one decent motel. Downtown is fairly unattractive except for a nice courthouse. Economy is dominated by one large factory.
Ashland city is a great place because even though it is a relatively small town, Nashville which is near is booming. This leads to Ashland City being creative and diverse. Our small town is becoming more successful every day. and group needs can be met.
It depends on who you meet really, a lot of people are rude and disrespectful but most are kind. There's a church around every corner and a Mcdonald's down the street so that's cool.
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The area is mostly safe inside the town as well as on the outskirts. The police is always around to keep the area safe. Crimes are rarely heard of in the town but there have been multiple occurrences of serious crimes.
When it comes to public services we do have a great system of protection. The police station, fire station, and EMC are very fast responders and do a great job at working together to save lives. When the emergencies are too serious or critical they do get assistance from one of the surrounding cities. There is a helicopter that comes from the larger hospitals in Nashville that flies here to take a hurt person the hospital for assistance.
The younger people in this area are very welcoming to any types of people but I am not sure if I would want to live here all over again. I am so happy to have to opportunity to get away from this small town and go to a college in a larger city. In the future I don't see many changes for the town due to many people move away from here. I doubt there will be many stores or restaurants opened in the future.
This town has only a Wal-mart and then two smaller grocery stores. There area about three convenience stores and three pharmacies in which none are open 24/7. There are some family owned businesses such as restaurants but they tend to open and close often. There is absolutely no retail shops which is why many travel into the city.
Half of the people actually live in the actual town where the houses all have a decent amount of lawn size. Some house have garages while others don't. There are some homes that are vacant however those do get filled up almost immediately. When it comes to the other half of the people in the county, they live on the outskirts of the little town where many have acres of land and privacy. There are however many more vacant properties that aren't filled in this area.
In this area there is no public transportation. There are very few sidewalks for walking or bicyclists. The main highway is the only road that has an actual bicycle lane. There is however more than enough parking spots on a normal day.
This town has no attractions whatsoever. The only times people outside of this area come here is when the county fair is in town for the week. Other than that this town never has any type of attractions.
While in this town there are a couple exercise facilities one in which my family uses on a daily basis. Most of the people who go to work out are either young adults or adults over the age of 50. There are few mid aged adults that attend these facilities. The areas are in fact used by many however. Each facility has many people who attend. When it comes to the convenience of hospitals, there is only one in the small town which is not very convenient many look to drive 20-40 minutes into the city for help.
Most of the people in this area have lived here most of their lives . It is a small town in which everyone knows everyone. In this town there is not much diversity. There is only a small percentage of minorities such as African Americans and Hispanics. While most people here are friendly, there are those who are not very accepting of minorities or different types of people.
Barely ever have horrible and dangerous weather.
Some things need to change around here.
Could be better and healthier food around here.
Love the views out here and it's so peaceful.
Not much recycling going on.
Review Ashland City
Not many things go wrong here.
Great food but wish we had more options.
There is barely any crime here.
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