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In general crime is confined to a specific group of people. We are not ever suprised to hear the names. The police do their job to their best ability.
In general the town is nice foe its size. It is safer than most communities. Nobody goes missing or gets kidnapped and if they do it is not hard to figure out who, because no one in town would.
It is a good place to grow up and live but the opportunities are limited
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There isn't anything but corn fields. The is a state park about 15 miles away.
There is no public transportation and the roads are awful
The weather is a nice medium between the north and south. We are in tornado alley though
We have one bar that is about to shut down because of health inspection problems.
Since there are very few businesses in town there are very limited jobs available. Any job that does become available is swarmed by the high school kids needing a job near home. It is very difficult to find a job at all in Ashland, and if you can get one it is not a well paying job.
My town is very small. We have one gas station, a bar, a family owned grocery store and, recently, we got a Dollar General. Everything in my town is very expensive and not the best quality. If my family needs to go grocery shopping of needs anything else we have to drive thirty minutes to the nearest town.
Unless you go into Ag or a family business it is very limited
Very small town very few options
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