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I have lived all my life in ashland. There are alot of drugs here and it needs to be gone. The police officers really dont worry much about going after the people that sale the drugs they just go after the ones the by the drugs when really they should go after both.
Nice place to live, just not a lot of jobs. Close to tri-state area so travel is not that bad. Schools are very good with a lot of after school and out of school opportunities.
There aren't too many new, interesting places to eat. Everything always looks dirty. There are so many unoccupied old businesses and absolutely nothing for young adults to do!
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There isn't much for families or couples to do in this area. The only place there is to take children in Ashland are the skating rink (which is old and run down) and Gattiland. We don't have very many events in this area and when we do have something like Poges landing days it is so packed and busy you can't really enjoy it.
I love my hometown of Ashland! I wish something could be done to help the drug addicts. I hate to see what is happening to this little town because of drugs.
I like that this town is right on the river nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Its a small town of families that have lived here all of their lives and everyone is very friendly.
My experience in Ashland, Kentucky is that this place is full of food and education. If you are hungry for either an education and a good career, or maybe just a quick bite to eat, then look no further...This small city of 20,000 plus is just what you're looking for. Perhaps you are looking for a good place to retire? This is the place...
Ashland, KY has been a great experience, I moved here in March of 2010. Its a small town but the people are very kind and helpful. I plan on staying here for quite awhile and enjoy my opportunities that have been placed in my lap.
Nice houses, high cost of housing and utilities.
Good community, neighbors, kid and pet friendly.
We live in a very safe community.
This area has very little to offer teenage kids and young adults as far as entertainment and things to do. The job opportunities are also getting worse.
We have the best PD!
It's a great small town!
It's not horrible here but it's not the most booming town, it's hard to find jobs because most are full and have a waiting list and while others are succeeding others are hurting and can't move from their situation
I think where I live is a great place to live and raise a family.
local businesses are okay but they could use more and definitely need to be updates some. Some are falling apart. Also we need more options. Some businesses that are more unique would be nice.
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I guess the area is okay. I wouldn't let my children go out on their own, but other than that it seems fine. There are cops that come searching the neighborhood from time to time and we hear stories about bad people being out and the cops trying to find them which is really why we want to move out of this place as it is no place to raise children and I have 2 children; one is 8 years old and the other is 4 years old; they deserve a better life which is what i am trying to provide them by continuing my education and by doing these scholarships. College isn't cheap and therefore I am hoping to be able to get more help.
The employment isn't the best and there isn't that many jobs available. I believe that you really have to look and look hard if you want to find a good opportunity here. Most of the jobs are fast food restaurants but I don't want to work there because I am going to school to get a job that I will enjoy and love doing. I have tried working at fast food restaurants and it just ins't my thing.
Central Park is the main park in the area that families use. It's nice and has a variety of facilities to be used. The Ohio River runs along side Ashland and it's in very poor condition in my opinion. People pollution in it, there's garbage washed up on the sides from people throwing it in there, it's just disgusting. I definitely wouldn't swim in it.
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