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Ashland is a scenic little town in Wisconsin. Especially being by Lake Superior. What I would like to see change is more local businesses operating and staying open for a longer period of time. Main street is pretty much a deserted street with empty run down store fronts.
Another thing I would like to see change is the criminal activity put to a stop and the drug crimes shut down. The druggies are taking over the town
The police seem to have things under control. I have personally not experienced anythong violent.
I'm and introvert, but this town's beauty forces me to be outdoorsy
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There has been some incidents in this area but not to the point where i feel unsafe. The police is really good with making us feel safe but not much crime in this area.
I love being in Ashland. As a fall athlete at Northland College you have to be on campus a month or so before classes actually start and its great to be here when the weather is hot. Going to the lake on a hot day with friends is great. Yes Ashland is a very small town but there is always something to do, on or off campus. I am only a freshmen and I cannot wait to come back again when the weather is hot. I would love to live here. The community is so welcoming; I have met some towns people and they are some of the sweetest people I've ever met.
Some of the landlords in Ashland don't keep up their properties, which is a problem when you are a renter. But housing here is extremely, extremely affordable so I can't complain.
In Ashland people participate in community life and local politics more than in other communities where I have lived.
I've heard about some crime, but it doesn't seem to be different than anywhere else that I've lived.
I really love living in Ashland. I love the friendly people here. The lake and the woods are so beautiful.
The public services are average here for a rural community.
Snow removal is very challenging here. Potholes are the worst here.
There are not a lot of choices when it comes to local businesses.
For a rural area, there are great recycling facilities.
There is a love-hate relationship with tourists.
It's a tourist area. There are tons of restaurants.
The region has rich cultural heritage.
The college keeps things fun and lively.
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A personal car is almost a necessity.
Quality healthcare seems to be lacking.
The outdoor opportunities around Ashland abound!
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