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It is a small town and people are very nice the only downside is there is not much to do but if you have friends than you can always find something to do in this good ole town.
Ashland Ohio is a quiet little town in rural Ohio. I moved here about 2 years ago from the suburbs of Pennsylvania to find this sleepy little town to be quaint, pleasant, and so very friendly. Tucked amidst farms and open country, you can get on the highway and reach Cleveland, Columbus, or Akron all within an hour or so, making it great to go see sporting events, concerts, etc.. In town is a slew of restaurants, churches, and small local businesses, as well Ashland University, a small college featuring seminary programs. Although having a college in town, I would not consider Ashland a 'college town'. There is not much nightlife other than the few local bars where the college students congregate on the weekends. The highlights for activity are the local events that take place during the year such as the Ashland Balloon Festival, the yearly fair at the end of summer, and other various organized street side events that take place on Main St every now and then.
I live right next to the police station, and the fire house is right down the street. I feel very safe in this area.
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I just moved here, and I like the town. It's easy to get around, and its close to a lot of different stores and even the university.
It takes quite a while for houses to sell here. There isn't too many abandoned properties because the local university buys them.
Most people end up staying here most, if not, their entire lives. A lot of parents here attended the local high school. The same high school their kids end up attending as well.
There's hardly any crime that goes on in the area. Never have I been afraid to walk alone at night.
Its a very small town, which is nice for growing up safe, but there's not much adventure here. It's too small of a place for me to ever want to live on my own.
I have lived in this town for my whole entire life. My mother grew up in this city and my dad grew up 15 minutes away. It's a perfect small town to raise a family in. It has the favorites (restaurants, places to go, etc.) and even our annual Fair. It is a safe town and the people are very friendly. I would choose to live in this town due to the size and happiness of living here. Since I have not lived in any other places, I cannot compare living somewhere else. I see Ashland expanding greatly throughout the years.
The general atmosphere of this area is very unwelcoming. The town has very little to offer for families when it comes to family activities. Not to mention the residents that have lived here for a long while are not very welcoming of new residents especially ones that they view as different. I would not choose to live here if I could do it all over again. Compared to everywhere else in this country this place isn't horrible but it isn't the best.
I have lived here all my life with several opportunities to move with job changes, however I can't bring myself to uproot our family. Ashland has a very low crime rate, people are trustworthy, giving and a very supportive community. We have a couple new schools, a nice downtown, nice fairgrounds, a lot of churches, nice YMCA just to name a few positives.
There's really nothing here to bring in tourists except the local university.
If you don't have a car then you're basically stuck.
There are certainly some higher-crime areas in the city but widespread crime is not typically a problem. When there are cases (such as missing persons) the community gets very involved.
Though we get a lot of snow and very cold temperatures in the winter, and winter can last a long time, the weather is usually great. Summers are humid but not too hot, spring and falls are typically cool. The major issue with weather is that it's very unpredictable and can change quickly!
There are several locally-owned restaurants (a steakhouse, several pubs, a pizza place, and several coffee shops), but the vast majority of restaurants in the area are chains. Most fast food restaurants are not open late. There are several bars but there are no clubs or anywhere else to go for late night drinks and entertainment. Though there is a variety of restaurants, they are mostly chains.
Though I am currently a full-time student and am unemployed, I know that the job market here is very unstable. Though there are many jobs available, there have been many positions at local businesses which have been cut or terminated. Most jobs available are not careers.
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The local business scene has been on the rise in the past several years. Stores include a photo shop, several vintage/boutique clothing stores, a children's clothing store, a music store, etc. While there is a variety of stores, there are not very many, and the stores are not very practical. While you can get everything you need at Walmart, it's very difficult to get everything that you need while still supporting local, small businesses.
There are some stray cats in this area but it not a big deal
The quality of houses is adequate, some boarded up.
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