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i believe the area i live in right now is no different from any other neighborhood. From time to time you have people hanging out on the corners but not getting into any trouble just mostly hanging out. There isn't that much crime where i live but if you get closer to the mall there starts to become more crime but that is only because all types of people go to the mall.
living in this area has treated me very well, its surrounded by many stores and a mall but the downfall is that is also surrounded by 3 schools so many kids are out. I believe in the future it will be more opportunities for kids because of all of the rec centers opening.
The area is nice and I enjoy the environment.
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This area has a reputation for thefts, but the specific area I live in is a little newer and has a safe environment.
People mind their own business.
There are crimes that happen on the street, but rarely in cases where it is burglary.
I would not choose to live here again because there is nothing around the area to do because it is in a quiet part of town.
This area is a very good area, it has a lot of qualities, and also attract people to love here. Good job opportunities
Overall, this area is really great. It's close to malls, food spots, bus stops, etc.
Great weather. Even in the winter months, it only rains...
Most attend school and receive education to eligible for job opportunities in this area.
Social life for families or middle aged people.
Very nice family-oriented environment. Sleeper town. Retirement community.
it is a hard process
i think the local stores do their best.
Around the area I live are tons of fast food restaurant's such as McDonalds, Burger King, Carl's Jr, Wendy's and the list goes one. Although, I feel like not every restaurant are clean as they should be. Now, night clubs and stuff like that aren't no where here in this area, the majority have to a different city.
We have had couple of bad incidents around the area of san leandro such as shooting and kidnaping young children. At times, its safe to walk around but of course with someone else.
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In the area I live in, well there is nothing huge around here. The mall near my house is very small and not a lot to do in this area.
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