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I enjoy taking long quiet walks in Ashford. The scenery is stunning, as well as the wildlife. However I don't like that the grocery store and shopping is 30min away. It makes it a huge inconvenience when you need something.
A true taste of new england small town living. A town where the residents would take their shirt off their back for you without hesitation. A place full of honest, hard working, and loyal community members. Surrounded by rolling hills occupied by farm fields of corn and livestock. Abutting multiple state forests of dense woods containing a high volume of wildlife and miles of hiking trails. Ashford is quaint and peaceful hidden gem of a town. After 7 years I am proud to call Ashford my home.
Ashford is a nice city when you want some peace and quiet, it's a friendly living area with wide open spaces, nice people, and very little noise. Although it's not really for people who like the city, because they wouldn't like the environment and lack of events, people who want to relax without much disruption would find this place to be perfect. The only thing I would change is that the nearest stores or places to go are about a half hour away, but even that's not too bad because a car ride through Ashford is rather enjoyable: it has pretty sights, lovely aromas, and no reckless drivers.
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Very spread out little town. Not to many people. Plenty of privacy.
There really aren't many businesses in the area so having a job requires going into a different town that is more populated and not as rural.
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