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I love the diversity of the city. I love the environment as a whole, the beauty of the mountains, the love of the communities, and the experiences not available in bigger cities.
I would love to see the cost of housing become more affordable.
Asheville is a nice town surrounded by the beautiful blue ridge mountains. The town is also very friendly and known for its cultural diversity.
Asheville is an gorgeous mountain town. The town itself and all surrounding ares are filling with food, shows, shops, and natural beauty that could peak anyone's interest.
Quirky town that is rapidly gentrifying from a haven for hipster outdoor loving artists to a mecca for retiring baby boomers.

Situated in the beautiful blue ridge mountains there's great hiking, kayaking & climbing.

Foodie heaven, for a small mountain town a large array of good, solid independent restaurants to choose from.

If you're considering moving here bring a job, the only ones available are in tourism and don't pay very much.
I have grown up in Asheville, North Carolina. I have lived here 18 years and I have slowly seen the changes being made throughout the city. Great local restaurants and coffee shops and art galleries downtown. Also the parkway is a mere twenty five minutes away, so there is always great access to random hiking adventures.
I like the Asheville area because it is and always has been a place where people have explored the outdoors. The thing I would like to see changed in Asheville is more opportunities and availability for substantial jobs.
I love that Asheville has many different things to do locally including a variety of culture restaurants to shopping places and even tourist attractions
I love it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asheville is very different. It is the most diverse place in all of North Carolina and it's a place where very normal general people work together with very strange people. There is so much to offer as the city is expanding every year.
I love living in Asheville. The city is very diverse and there is always something going on. It's growing every year. The only downside to Asheville is the high cost of rent to live here.
I absolutely love Asheville! It is one of the best vacation spots full of creativity, nature lovers, and artists. Blue ridge parkway is a must see especially in the fall when he leaves are changing colors. There are a lot of beautiful lookouts and hiking spots. The Biltmore mansion is a lovely place to visit. Learning the history of the plantation and touring it is so important. They also have a lovely garden and vineyard with wine tasting included. Downtown Asheville has really unique shops and most of them are local. The local businesses have a heart in the window so you know to support them. Asheville is a very dog friendly town. My favorite spot is in the barcade called champagne and wine bar book exchange. They allow you to bring your pets, browse through books from all over the world, and enjoy a glass of wine. Their Italian dessert wine is to die for. Asheville is definitely a must see!
I grew up in Asheville and it has grown alot, alot more tourists and less mountain folk or natives. I like Asheville due to the mountains but wish things were not so high and wages are lower in general and housing cost alot here.
I love Asheville. I am born and raised here and have raised my 6 children in Asheville. It is a beautifully diverse city, with endless opportunities to explore Western North Carolina's beauty.
I love the seasons of Asheville and all of the fun attractions here. They have music venues to many breweries to great food. I would love to see more people that are diverse.
This city of Asheville in North Carolina is built on community and gives off the vibe of a small town. Often compared to cities like Austin or Portland, Asheville is unique because of the combination of people, places, and government incorporated into the environment nestled among the Blue Ridge Mountains. With its quaint city streets and friendly locals, Asheville sits in a place between peace and community.
I love Asheville because it is filled with mindful and open-hearted people! There is so much room for creativity and individuality with very little judgement. What I would love to see change is an increase in jobs for those of us who love living here but find it difficult to make a living and put our college educations to work.
Asheville is a dynamic area with something for everyone. Attractions include one of our numerous breweries (we are "Beer City USA"), the Biltmore Estate, the largest home in North America, and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains which run through the area.
Overall, Asheville is a wonderful place to live. The community is great and there are tons of fabulous restaurants and breweries! There are a couple of drawbacks, however. First, housing is outrageously expensive in Asheville. I recommend finding roommates before you plan to move here if you're alone. Secondly, jobs are hard-ish to come by and generally tend to pay less than the national average for most professions. The following perks outweigh the negatives for me: In addition to having a wonderful sense of community & deliciously creative dining options, Asheville supports many local businesses. Most places are pet friendly as well. My personal decision for moving to Asheville was to go to school at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. They have a phenomenal psychology department filled with brilliant professors.
One of the things I like about Asheville is the art sculptures it has hidden all over this city. There is a giant iron, cat and rats, and even some turkeys. One of the things I hate about Asheville is the parking. There is not enough parking and some of the garages cost over 10 dollars with no guarantee someone will not tow your car away.
Asheville is a wonderful eclectic community with a variety of activities which involve all ages. Since moving here, I felt at home because the citizens do not judge or condemn you for being different; in fact, they welcome newcomers with open arms. One of my favorite places to be is downtown Asheville because there are so many stores to shop in that are truly one of a kind. I also love being able to take a short ten-minute drive out of the city to experience the natural environment that has been untouched by industrialization. I did not highly rate a few of the following categories below because I feel that the city is a bit expensive and without good networking connections, it is hard to find a job out of the customer service industry. Although this may be a problem if one would prefer to live within the city, there is a solution—housing that is just outside the city of Asheville is more affordable in both taxes and rent.
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