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Safety in downtown Asheville seems sketchy. Other than that my experience in Asheville was amazing....4 Star
Asheville is a place of rest and culture. It is progressive and is strives to be "different". It has many opportunities for the out-of-towner and for it's residents to actively participate in it's many diverse activities. It is definitely growing, but the sweetness of people grows!
Asheville, NC is a warm and welcoming small city nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you're looking for a place with stereotypical "Southern Charm and Kindness" then Asheville is the place to find it in genuine excess. Every local prides themselves on helping their neighbors and spreading cheer to those around them. It has become a city of transplants, however, and with the influx of new people and new personalities this town has started to take on a new persona of it's own. There are still nooks and crannies hidden about that offer quiet reflection and comfortable conversations with strangers, though. Overall, Asheville is a wonderful place to live.
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Asheville used to be a nice place to live. New apartments have popped all over the county, which has created tremendous daily traffic. These "affordable" apartments are still outrageously priced! I'd honestly like to know where these tenants work in order to be able to afford such ridiculous monthly rents! Starter homes are next to impossible to afford, and the Air B&B fad has exploded here lately! The infrastructure has not kept up with the growth of this town, and everyone complains about heavy traffic all over this county. There are craft breweries downtown, but parking is bad. Tourist are targets for the roving tow trucks. I don't know any true natives that enjoy going downtown. A massive influx of people moving here has filled the schools. College grads have to move to larger cities to find better paying jobs, unless they are willing to work in the service industry at a much lower pay scale. There's a large population of retired people coming here from the N East.
Asheville brings a person to life! It fits everyone. You are surrounded by mountains, beautiful sites, great food, beer, and unique people. However, a bit too expensive to live in.
Nice place for granola and hipsters. Water and mountains are overcrowded. Rentals are too expensive and entertainment overpriced. Art scene is gallery of gimmicks.
The energy of the city and the endless options of restaurants are nice. However, there is not a lot of parking so you do have to walk a good distance.
I love it here, I have lived here for 12 years. When i first moved here at 18 it was a small-ish hippy city. Today it is populated by all kinds, its a very welcoming city and very diverse in its makeup.
Great night life, adventure places both inside and out, beautiful surroundings, there is amazing hiking on the blue ridge parkway that is easily accessible
Fantastic place to live, true southern charm with the all of the beauty of North Carolina. I love the restaurants, nightlife and the outdoor activities available to me.
The people are friendly, good schools, and a lot of local business buy local here. This town really cares about its culture and people.
Asheville is beautiful and one of the most accepting places I have ever lived. However--it is SUPER expensive to live here. Also, during tourist season it is terrible trying to get around!
The best thing about Asheville is that everyone belongs. You can't be too weird for Asheville! Check out the river arts district for beautiful photography inspiration.
Asheville is an up and coming city that has an intense downtown nightlife and a strong sense of community. Warning: this is a college town and it is quite expensive because of all the tourism and retired people with money that move here. There are plenty of local restaurants to eat from that are farm to table oriented or that are high quality. If you love beer, this city is for you. There are plenty of breweries in Asheville and the local community college, Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College, or AB Tech, offers a two year brewing program. With that being said, anywhere that isn't downtown will most likely be closed by 9 pm. Hiking, kayaking, running, and just about any outdoor activity is available in Asheville or less than an hour away. If you like the big city life with skyscrapers and plenty of museums to go to, I say this is not the place for you. Asheville is relatively small with a population of 80,000.
It's a small town filled with a lot of different cultures and art. We are currently rebuilding to make way for our tourists.
Asheville is unlike any other town in the Southeast. It has culture, creativeness, diversity, and a friendliness to tourists that is unparalleled.
Absolutely wonderful. Great place to grow up. Lots of culture, cuisine, and activities, both indoor and out. It definitely has the bohemian vibe!
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I loved the restaurants, the great places to hang out, the music, and the natural scenery. I would like it to be a little less crowded with tourists, but that seems to come with the territory!
Asheville, NC is my favorite city in the US. Right near the Appalachian trail, there are so many places to hike and explore. The beer there is amazing! The restaurants are also above par.
Housing is expensive. Most people refer to Asheville as a small Portland. Very organic and green. Almost every restaurant is organic/locally grown/gluten free. Clothing stores are fair trade and organic as well. Tons of homeless people and definitely not enough resources for them.
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