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Asheville is a small city with a big heart. Opportunities to serve others are abundant and the community is very welcoming. Hiking, biking, and rock climbing are all quickly accessible from downtown Asheville, making it both a hometown and an adventure destination.
Asheville is a beautiful city. There is a lot to see, including the blue ridge parkway and the loads of hiking trails. I wish Asheville was more diverse. There is a large affluent community, but it's all white.
Asheville is a beautiful city with many cultural activities and plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. There is a very diverse population with all races and sexual orientations distributruted. One of Asheville's biggest problems is affordable housing and the lack thereof. Rent is out of this world expensive and the homebuyer can expect to pay double what they'd expect for half the house. Also the job market stinks. There are many local and privately owned businesses but most do not pay "a livng wage" or supply benefits. And the ones that do pay a "living wage" will not work you full time. This is probably one of the reasons that the homeless population is so high here.
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Asheville is a nice mountain town with new and interesting ways of life around every corner. You can come and relax or enjoy the local night life with the abundance of micro brews. The food is wonderful, many of the restaurants are locally owned and created. With the large variety of food, drinks, and beautiful mountain views it's hard not to fall in love with Asheville.
I have a great experience in Asheville. Its fun, creative, and a great people watching experience! There is good food, beer and overall fun scene when hanging out. I wish there were less homeless people congregated by the bus stop, it makes it sorta creepy to walk around alone.
I'm a Lyft driver in Asheville this is a great city to be in.
Something going on whether it be early morning or late at night they will keep you very active come enjoy our city
Clean, beautiful area with a very lively spirit. There's always a festival going on, there's always lots of people downtown. There's trails, pools, parks, swimming holes, and so much more.
We've been here 12 years and are getting ready to ditch the scene. (Though that's hard as well with real estate pricing and our ages, 71 and 64). Since then, 11 hotels have been built, the interstates clog at three points virtually 24/7; there was a 15% increase in population just in the last 5 years; it is impossible to go downtown and park anymore; you are doing well if you land a job at $12/hr; there are some great grocery stores, excellent restaurants (if you can afford $15 for breakfast and $8 for a beer) and wonderful mountain views (which may disappear if the regulations that have been set in place go away as predicted). If you like to mountain bike (and don't worry about being run off the road by an SUV) or into beer (30 breweries all making the same beer), then you'll have a great time; Just bear in mind, it it now a town focused on the well-fair and vibe of tourism 100%. If that's your thing, than Asheville's your place.
Better police presence would help reduce crimes! Lowering crime rate would make it more appealing for long term issies!
Asheville is growing fast, and with a progressive mindset, it is an ideal space for any black sheep looking for their people.
Asheville is my favorite place in North Carolina. It's a beautiful city in the Appalachian mountains. Many residents are inspired by healthy living, art, and outdoor recreation. I've had a very positive experience here so far.
I love this place! It is the best town I could possibly call home! The only downside is the cost of living, and that is only so high because Asheville is so great!
Asheville is probably one of my favorite cities in the south and I'm happy that I have gotten the chance to live here for the past 5 years.
There is so much to do and see and there are always things going on.
Downtown is always full of tourists and during the summer and fall it can be hectic but it's still nice to visit downtown occasionally.
There is a lot for families to do in this town and the schools are ok.
Asheville is a wonderful town but does have limitations. The cost of living is very high. Many who live here cannot afford to purchase homes. The traffic is terrible with long commute times due to conjestion and accidents.
Asheville is a beautiful city located in the Blue Ridge Mountains! There are lots of brewries popping up. The Biltmore house is a local site seeing event. Anytime of year, you can visit and it will always be breathtaking.
It's a beautiful town with loads of history. The historic neighborhood Montford boasts tree lined streets, acclaimed local farm to table restaurants, the old home of Zelda Fitzgerald and the burial place of Thomas Wolfe. That's one neighborhood alone to give you an idea.
Asheville is a beautiful city with a very large variety of things to do and places to visit. The population is eclectic and there is something for everyone in Asheville.
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My experience in Asheville, NC could have been better far as dealing with co-workers and pay. The pay started lower than other cities doing the same type of work. The view of the mountains are beautiful.
I think Asheville is an amazing town. You are so free to be yourself here with judgement. The food scene is also amazing, To be surrounded by the mountains and nature all the time is very relaxing.
Asheville, NC is an awesome town in the Blue Ridge Mountains! It has a great community, amazing local food and unique music venues bring in musical acts from all over the world. Everyone who explores Asheville wants to stay here which is the only reason this town doesn't get a full 5 stars. Housing prices are high and finding a good paying job is difficult because of the amount of people flooding in.
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