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People care watch out for pedestrians, even though sidewalks are sparse. Its not a fast paced traffic zone. Train and highway in Fitchburg 20 minutes away, make for a difficult drive. Buses in Fitchburg and Gardner, but nothing here.

Don't walk around at night, we don't have light streets. But you can park anywhere on the side of the road without concern.
Summers seem hot, just humid. Winter is a coin flip for brutality. It is only enjoyable to those who enjoy snow, but it can be very beautiful. Fall time is the absolute best here, I would't want to be anywhere else. As for spring, we do a lot of farming, so its hard to sit back and enjoy the green.

Everyone owns a winter coat and a shovel. Most even have a plow attachment for their truck.
I'd raise a family or retire here. Personally I haven't had my fill of a fast paced city. I know I'll be coming back for serenity though. New England is lovely except for the bugs and difficult winters, no exception here. But the fall season here can't compare to any place in the USA. Its hard to say what the future holds for this small town thats remained very much the same since its creation.
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You do have to travel for any big brand name stores, but our small market has convince, alcohol and a hardware section. We have the best mechanics in the county, respectable and trust worthy.
People are constantly running in the morning, walking the dog, farming or doing work around the house. We all stay active here, even though there are no indoor workout facilities. We have the great outdoors!

The closets hospitals are 30 minutes away optionally in two different towns. Most go to Heywood Hospital in Gardner.

Most people do drink in this area, and it varies per person what and how much.
Police and firefighters are heroes in our town. They do good work, even when they dole out simple tickets. They are also active in the community with events and general local participation. although being part of Massachusetts there are laws and taxes that are plain ridiculous.
Main attractions are the outdoors. People come here to hike, hunt, fish or bicycle through lovely landscape. We even have an increased amount of tourism just from people taking a sunday drive and ending up here, a little lost.
Most everyone is friendly. We have a surprising number of Finnish families in the area. Any grumps or hermits usually stay to themselves. Also 5 different churches share the town common for prayer. We have a noticeably white community, very few african americans reside here; most live in the next towns over. Our local camps for kids do international residency over the summer, so there is always out of towers here; and we welcome them with open arms.
No one cares to pollute our parks and woods, so they remain small and lovely. You are constantly surrounded by trees and grasslands. Even a couple of swamps here and there. Feel free to enjoy it as long as you wear a orange hat/vest outside of the hiking/park areas. People hunt turkey and deer here.
There's nowhere to work here beside the gas station and farming. Most people commute elsewhere.
Being a large farm town, its impossible to light the streets besides main street. Their is almost no crime from our citizens but the surrounding towns occasionally come here to commit whatever crime. The local market had gone 24 years without a robbery till last year actually; and the perp was from Fitchburg it turns out. Our police have actually grown in numbers nicely but the facility is an awfully small trailer, parked behind the town hall. I wish we could get enough money to build something for them. There is also a rumor of methheads living in the area, but they don't do anything to impact the community for any one to know for sure. Besides that, the only thing you need to watch out for is coyotes and bears at night.
Theres plenty of farm food; veggies and such. But there is only one restaurant in town, new this year and it looks like it won't last too long. Mainly cause of inexperience by the owners as a resteraunt and their choice to treat their employees badly, i.e. locals, are resulting in a boycott of their food.
We have small town gatherings an whatnot. Our town sacrifices funds every year so that we can have the summer band concerts on wednesdays. Even the Library has a significant turnout for its events. Local farms and even houses off the road sell veggies and eggs. Everyone knows everyone here. Any kind of news travels fast by mouth too. People love animals here, walking dogs together, saying hello to passerby. Theres cats, horses, llamas, cows and tons of chickens. People who come here for quiet usually get what they wanted and stay awhile.
The land is mixed with rocks or clay, but the soil still produces amazing veggies; just difficult to farm. The houses reflect the land that way. Nice properties with some questionable houses. Small town atmosphere even though our town line is 3 times larger than the surrounding areas. Hikers, fisherman and bicyclists frequent our town. The water pipework is so old and outdated, its expensive to build any establishment here. The farther you are from the center of town, the worst your road is as far as potholes. We have significant ice heaves and a small road crew.

The nearest large brand grocery store is 20 minutes away in the unnecessarily ghetto town of Fitchburg. Hazardous traffic and personal safety is in danger there. A lot of people choose to drive 30 minutes up north to Rindge/Jaffery area for their large grocery store and walmart.
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