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Ashburnham is a small town that has a lot of character and charm. It's a very cute town, but it's also very limited with the things you can do.
I've seen some people get pulled over for speeding and there's always some person with bad intentions somewhere but I haven't seen anything like that. It seems just fine
Ashburnham use to have many camps surrounding the lakes which are almost all privately owned now. Being a mostly forest filled area, we don't have many stores except a few down town and a gas station/dunkin donuts on the edge of town. I wouldn't call it modern by any stretch. But the atmosphere is peaceful and beautiful to me. I know lovely people and lovely places.
Ashburnham is a charming town with a top notch school system.
the town is dead at night and the only food restaurant wise you will find is two poor pizza places and a decent Chinese place.
coming from a high school student working part time jobs, there are a few good places within the area that pay minimum wage or more if you worked there for long.
If you are looking to find some fast quick groceries, not caring about price, then i guess this town is ok food wise. There are 3 main convenient stores and one very small grocery store. Most of the time when you would want to go buy a weeks worth or more in food, you would generally see people commuting to the next towns over where the market baskets and price choppers are.
not too much crime, its a small town
there not not too many businesses within the town
Its a beautiful area and you often see people walking
It is expected to travel up to an hour for a good job.
If there are big storms or piles of snow, the local public services are there to help you. They do an amazing job at fixing downed power lines in a short amount of time. There are usually a few snow storms each year and high winds during the summer. Every year trees come down and the town public services need to clean them up. The most essential items in my wardrobe are a winter jacket, a sweatshirt, and sunglasses. You never know when it will be hot or cold or sunny. The weather can be unpredictable.
The public services in the area are combined with surrounding town's public services. If something goes wrong there is always a responder to the situation. Local representatives try their best to keep the local school updated and maintained. The new school that was just built is really beautiful and good for the children. The taxes are only a little high because the school programs need to be implemented.
There aren't many local businesses in downtown so you most likely have to go out of town to get what you need. The gas stations is always busy and the grocery store is overpriced. But overall, I like the friendly vibe the local stores give off. They make you want to do more with the people in your community.
There is not a lot of crime or unsafe things in this town. I feel safe walking at night alone even. The police can be anywhere within minutes. They are always everywhere to make people feel safer. The road maintenance and pot holes are really the only concerns to watch out for.
The quality of housing in this town is great. There are a variety of different types of properties from lake-front to land-locked. Most people live on private streets off the main roads. Some abandoned properties are here because the bank had to seize people's homes when the recession hit. The cost of living is high because heating the homes in the winter is very expensive. The worst places to reside in this town aren't even that bad. Most people live by the woods and have big yards.
Employment is definitely dropping in this area. Local businesses keep going out of business. Everyone needs to rive long distances to get to work because there aren't many opportunities around here. I will need to move eventually to find a good enough paying job to live on.
There are some community events like street wide yard sales and the yearly summer festivals. The local churches hold bazaars frequently and there are community service projects going on, such as town cleanups. Local sports games also get a lot of crowds during the school year.
People tend to live in this area for most of their life. Most like living here because it is very pet friendly and there are some annual community events. People who are born here most likely do not leave.
There is one state forest that is of great quality. Most people live here because of the serenity the woods brings them. There are hiking trails and a mountain not too far out of town too. I like living here because of the outdoor environment.
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