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My town needs improvement. We're a small town, and everyone knows just about everyone. However, businesses are shutting down, and we have to travel about twenty to thirty minutes to get electronics, games, even a better variety of groceries.
A great little place to live! Very quiet little town with a lot of country for you to kick back and relax in.
Ashburn is okay place for retirement. For young adult and children they would have to go else where to have fun. Its a nice place to live, safe area and have a park for children.
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Crime and safety, does not happen much and if it do I do not hear about it. Police are. Not fast but some crimes they do solve and handle.
Its not the best, I would recommend to the people who are retired and not to the people who trying to do better in life.
Everything is walking distance. there are people you can catch a ride with if you need one.
Most oeopel usually go to the fire ant festival every year. Sometimes they have clubs they go to every night. there is not much to do in this neighbor hood.
it an okay environment to live in. I wouldn't stay here in my opinion for a long amount of time. Good place to visit but hardly any activities to do. I would choose a different place to live in.
There are a lot of robbery and drug use in the area. You have to lock your doors at all times.
It is mostly sunny here. Sometimes a few thunderstorms or tornados come but not often.
I don't drink alcohol or go to the bar but there are no bars in the area that I know of. The drinks such as soda products from fast food restaurants are okay. The fast food in the restaurant is okay. Do need fresher food and better customer service.
Some people are unemployed . Some businesses are hiring but only a selective amount can get hired.
Good for shopping and groceries.
There aren't many places to find jobs at
Every market is in competition
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