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It is a safe family oriented community with quality schools. I have lived in the area for over ten years and I work for the local school system. It's an area that is experiencing a lot of growth because of its attractions such as having quality schools and being family friendly.
Ashburn is a nice area in which to live. It's very quiet in my neighborhood. There are places to explore and venues that are family friendly.
It's a developing city. Housing is expensive, but cheaper relative to other northern Virginia. Really nice place to live.
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I've lived here all my life and it's been the most pleasurable thing in my life because there are so many opportunities here. Jobs, communities, Schools, and almost everyone I've encounter have been really nice especially new/ old neighbors.
Ashburn is a very peaceful and safe neighborhood. There are new dining and shopping options popping up all the time. Major drawback is the commute to DC is very long.
The best suburb in NoVA for many reasons. The schools are top notch: we are zoned to Newton Lee ES and Stonebridge HS, can't tell you how lucky our kids are to attend these schools. Single family homes here have great floor plans - from gorgeous classic colonials to modern craftsman-ish and are priced adequately compare to the old bit up split entry homes you would have to survive in for the same price anywhere closer to D.C. We have nice city parks here, easy commute to DC. If you are lucky to live in Belmont Club or Alexandra's Grove developments, you will enjoy the comfort of 15 min commute to Dulles Airport and the planes - landing or taking off - will not be heard in or around your home (can't imagine how folks in other communities like Brambleton or Willowsford survive the constant noise pollution caused by Dulles...) In short, if you are new to D.C. and Northern Virginia, your best bet is Ashburn.
Living here is nice, although it can occasionally get expensive to live here. My recommendation when living here would be to have a savings fund or money on the side to prepare for living here.
Ashburn is a growing little city! It has great places to eat, shop, and be entertained. There are many areas that are still under construction, which I cannot wait to see finished because I am anticipating it will match the already great experience it currently has!
I like that it a a safe and well rounded place. Great schools and teachers and staff. Everyone is friendly there are many places and activites to do in Ashburn.
I live in a very wealthy community, so everything around us is very nice and convenient. The only problem with where I live is there is ALWAYS construction going on because the community is continuously growing. Another great thing about where I live is the schools are amazing! I wouldn't change my experience in Ashburn at all.
Ashburn is a family friendly community in Norther Virginia. Schools are good, but the commute to DC is tough.
I love Ashburn. It is a small, quiet suburb that has slowly been expanding every since I arrived! The school system is amazing and the people are wonderful. I would definitely recommend many of my friends to move here if they are looking to raise a family.
Ashburn is a relatively quiet, fun environment to have children. My sister and I enjoy playing around with the neighborhood kids and have a blast. The neighborhood is respectful and all of its residents are like one Unit.
When you picture your perfect suburb in America today, Ashburn would definitely fit that picture. The area is full of all sorts of places to live, from big beautiful houses, to small cozy apartments, and everything in between. All stores are easily accessible, and there's a wide variety of places to shop and eat locally. All of the public schools are some of the best in the entire country, full of amazing students, and faculty. Ashburn, and other nearby surrounding cities have a very diverse population. bringing about such a strong appreciation of other cultures for all of those who live in the area. Ashburn is all around a great and happy place to live.
Ashburn is one of the most fun, yet expensive areas in not only Virginia, but the whole country! There is always something to do with numerous entertainment and dining areas such as One Loudoun. Also, the neighborhoods and schools are phenomenal. The only downfall of this area is the cost to live there.
Lots of things to do in Ashburn... movies, places to eat, bowling, laser tag, and arcades. It is a very healthy community, and most people strive to stay healthy and exercise frequently. Would recommend.
The cost of living is high but it's worth every penny
Ashburn, to my knowledge, is the safest place to live and raise children.
Very friendly. Extremely diverse. Ashburn has some of the best public and private schools in the US. Plenty of jobs, big corporations...
I have raised three children now in college and my community in Ashburn contributed a lot to raising my kids
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Loudoun County is almost always in the top 100 places to live in the United States. The schools are excellent, there are many restaurants, and everything is near by. In Ashburn, I can get to a grocery store in less than five minutes, I can get to the mall, the movies, or target in fifteen minutes, and I can get a gym in five minutes. There are rarely any crimes in Ashburn and it is very diverse. There is a restaurant for every style of food, the possibilities are endless. Overall, I love Ashburn even though it is very expensive.
Ashburn, VA has been my hometown since I was born. The environment has been friendly, the people (for the most part) are cordial, however the traffic is a pain around rush hour.
Ashburn is a great suburban town, mostly residential, very good and effective school systems, and a great place to live.
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