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Not many things to see. There are many good schools around the area. The county has a good curriculum. Nice houses that are also affordable.
Ashburn has pretty scenery, but has a lot of constant construction. It's fairly clean and I live near the metro, which is nice because D.C. is one of my favorite cities.
Well, they certainly don't call it "Cashburn" for nothing. This place certainly has a lot of money, but it all goes into construction for townhomes so more people can cram into this place like sardines. Besides the extreme overpopulation and constant "improvement" to the neighborhoods and schools that always end up half finished for a few years, it's a pretty safe neighborhood. Except for the occasional weirdos, but they usually keep to themselves.
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Ashburn is a fine place to live. Everything you need is very close. There are many walking trails and lakes. However, I regret to inform you that they have cut down most of the trees to build more plazas. I think, to be honest, we have enough grocery stores at this point.
Even though it's kind of expensive I still really enjoy it! The community here is very friendly and I enjoy all the activities they have here. So if anyone is reading this they should come here.
Excellent place to raise a family, but has a high cost of living. The rapid increase in population strains the county budget to keep up with new schools. Excellent teachers overall. Traffic can be bad, and drivers act like the law doesn’t apply to them.
Ashburn is a safe community with so much to do and see. Enjoy all the trails and nature, or go out for dinner and drinks, or play golf and indoor skydiving!
Ashburn is a growing suburb with a population of almost 50,000. It's rated to be one of the most efficient locations to live in Virginia, and as a resident, I would agree. Ashburn offers many resources and opportunities that as a recent high school graduate, I am thankful to have. I feel confident that I have received a spectacular high school education and that I am prepared for college and the real world, all thanks to the social, cultural, and political experiences I have been a part of while residing in this town.
I like Ashburn because whenever I go on vacation and come back home it truly feels like home. Not all of the people who live here are great but there are many people who are very friendly and I am glad to say that I know them and they are my friends. It is a great town to grow up in and it is always expanding.
Ashburn is a great place to live. It has great schools, plenty of shopping - many grocery store choices, walking paths and parks.
Ashburn is a very new suburb it’s know as the Silicon Valley of the East. There’s a lot of entertainment and new places to hangout and eat. One thing that could change the housing prices.
Ashburn is a great, safe area with fantastic schools. The area has good places to live, shop, and have fun. One great part of Ashburn is the Belmont Ridge Country Club, which has housing, pools, golfing, tennis, and more! Surrounding towns are commonly visited and are very close in proximity. I would highly recommend moving to this area.
I love Ashburn. It has always been a safe area to live in. Of course, since it is in Loudoun County and it is one of the newer suburbs, then it is more expensive to live in compared to other areas. Overall, Ashburn is an amazing area and full of great people and neighbors. The only thing that I am bothered about is the lack of activities here. There are not any major activities to do here, there are some parks and a bike trail, some cool restaurants, but other than that, there are not anything else, which is probably the one thing I would fix about it.
Overall, this is a really nice place to live and many things to do in the area especially in the town centers where there are many public facilities available for everyone. It is, however, an expensive area to live in.
It was okay at best. Schools are apparently good but I didn’t have fun. There’s not a whole lot to do except the pools and walking around. There’s practically no nightlife unless you want to drive to the next town over. Lots of rich white people.
I have lived in Ashburn for 11 years. At first, I thought it was just greenery. However, as time progressed, I realized how blessed people in Ashburn, VA because we have so much. Another plus for me is the fact that Ashburn pretty much goes to sleep by about 9 or 9:30 pm.
I love Ashburn because it is very green. It could be really quiet sometimes and hard to find some fun entertaining activities to do. One of the best things is that Ashburn is about an hour from the District of Columbia.
One of the things I want to see in Ashburn is metro and more public transportation.
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Many opportunities for employment. Great education and schools zoned for the district. The only foreseeable drawback is the extremely high cost-of-living for this areas and surrounding areas.
As someone who has grown up in Ashburn, I can say that it is a really family friendly area. There aren't many things to do in this area for teenagers, but it is a great place to be when it comes to the education!
The community is very supportive and has a lot of opportunities for all age groups. The number of clubs, sports teams, music programs, and job openings that are available seem endless and are very easy to join. The grocery stores and clubs are all very close by to the neighborhoods, making for a short commute to the places.
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