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i love that we have wegman's first of all cause i love good quality food and i love how the landscape is designed my neighbors are great its very exercise friendly
As a long-time resident, this place is very safe. The schools are also good and provide a quality education. Sometimes people can be irritatingly snobby and the schools are highly competitive and stressful. There are also a million schools.
Ashburn is a beautiful place, where the homes are nicer than the people. People tend to have high egos along with high incomes. The city itself? Like I said, it's beautiful: gorgeous homes, green grass, extraordinary schools, shopping malls, there is lots going on. But if you look into it deeply, it's very staged, very cookie-cutter. The homes all have the same layouts, plants are all the same, there's only one grocery store to choose from (Harris Teeter). And all of it goes back to the HOA, they control everything, from the cable company you have, to the type of flowers that are on your lawn. It's ridiculous to me. Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful to live in this safe, nice community. I'd just like to see a place that reflects the people in it more.
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Ashburn is one of the best places to live in Northern Virginia! It is a fast-growing community that is set up to be a major hub of NOVA in the future and caters to all types of people. The schools are great, all the neighborhoods are safe and majority of people are friendly, and everything you want is located nearby!
Ashburn is a generally safe suburb and there are rarely any bad events in the news. Safety especially at night is overall good and the people are nice and have good intentions. One problem it may have is a high amount of car accidents, especially concerning young high school students. Therefore there would be much benefit from better educating students and a stricter police force regarding driving.
I have lived in Ashburn for 9 years raising all 4 of my kids here from 11 to 22. This is a great place to raise a family very community friendly. The schools are the best in the country and they are very diverse. You are 27 miles from Washington DC for day trips and 10-15 minutes from the International Airport .
It is a safe and friendly area to live in. The neighborhoods are small and everyone is cordial. The only thing I would like to change would be adding more street lights to some areas.
Ashburn is a nice area for families and young adults working in DC. The neighborhoods are very family friendly. There is a diverse culture here and
a lot of act ivies.
Ashburn is a quiet and scenic suburb offering lots of incredible things to do. From Hiking, biking and swimming during the summer months to more adult activities like visits to the winery and breweries. Also family fun for all ages at Top Golf, the trampoline place, and many many more. It's perfect for all ages.
Ashburn, VA is a great place to raise children. The public schools are great and there are private options as well. The crime rate is low and there are lots of community events throughout the county. Unemployment is low and there is lots of new construction. Because the area is growing quickly, local traffic is generally heavy although the Metro will have a stop in Ashburn in the near future.
At first when I moved to Ashburn I wasn't too thrilled just because I was taken out of my comfort zone. But eventually I was able to adjust to the area.
Ashburn is a fine place to live - the neighborhoods are nice and make up most of the area. However, the always changing NOVA weather drives me crazy and I wish there were more running trails closer to where I live.
Ashburn is a nice place to live with beautiful neighborhoods. I wish there more running trails in my neighborhood, but other than that I really enjoy where I live and go to school.
Ashburn is a great place to raise a family. Good schools, quite safe and very quiet neighborhoods. Real estate and cost of living are on the higher end though.
Ashburn was surrounded by teachers that not only cared for me, but understood me. I was opened up to many opportunities, and eventually discovered that I love music. Despite some of these great aspects, Ashburn does have some distracting flaws. The first thing, is that it is very expensive to live here. Unless you have a family that's wealthy and can make an easy stable living, one may find it very difficult to live in Ashburn, and find themselves having to work all the time. For me, this has put a hurt on my family after my parents divorced. With that, many of the wealthy families around Ashburn can be very entitled and snobby, which can rub off on their kids. This, in turn, creates a bit of a negative vibe and creates clicks within neighborhoods and groups of people.
If I were to change Ashburn, I would love for it to be much cheaper to live, and for it to promote and strive for a more positive, friendly, and accepting community that everyone feels safe and welcomed.
It is a safe family oriented community with quality schools. I have lived in the area for over ten years and I work for the local school system. It's an area that is experiencing a lot of growth because of its attractions such as having quality schools and being family friendly.
Ashburn is a nice area in which to live. It's very quiet in my neighborhood. There are places to explore and venues that are family friendly.
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It's a developing city. Housing is expensive, but cheaper relative to other northern Virginia. Really nice place to live.
I've lived here all my life and it's been the most pleasurable thing in my life because there are so many opportunities here. Jobs, communities, Schools, and almost everyone I've encounter have been really nice especially new/ old neighbors.
Ashburn is a very peaceful and safe neighborhood. There are new dining and shopping options popping up all the time. Major drawback is the commute to DC is very long.
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